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Disgusting left-wing BIGOT Sen. Mazie Hirono calls for total ban on white people in Biden’s cabinet… a sitting Senator openly admits to judging people by the color of their skin

Disgusting left-wing BIGOT Sen. Mazie Hirono calls for total ban on white people in Biden’s cabinet… a sitting Senator openly admits to judging people by the color of their skin

(Natural News) Sens. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) are refusing to cooperate with any further Biden regime cabinet appointments unless the candidates are non-white.

These two racist women, both of whom are non-white Asians, say that there needs to be more “diversity” in the White House – meaning more people who look like them and have similar body parts.

There are already far too many white people in Joe Biden’s cabinet, they say, and white people are not “diverse.” The only people who are diverse are people with dark skin.

“I am a ‘no’ vote on the floor on all non-diversity nominees,” Duckworth told reporters during a recent interview. “I will vote for racial minorities and LGBTQ, but anybody else I’m not voting for.”

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Hirono feels much the same. She scoffed during a recent MSNBC interview about the Biden regime not catering enough to “minorities,” expressing similar sentiments about how she plans to respond.

“We would like to have a commitment from the White House that there be more diversity representation in the cabinet and in senior White House positions and until that happens, I will be joining [Duckworth] in voting ‘no’ on non-diversity nominees.”

Their repeated use of the term “non-diversity” is thinly veiled racism against whites. It is akin to using the “N” word against blacks, though it is considered acceptable because it is directed against whites.

According to Hirono, it is a completely “reasonable position” to not support white cabinet appointments simply due to the color of their skin. To Democrats, anti-white racism is “progressive” and not at all hypocritical, even though it is the opposite of “inclusivity.”

Hating white people is a Democrat “virtue”

Holding such a position in times past would have warranted removal from office. Today, it is in vogue to discriminate against white people simply because their skin is fairer than “minority” skin, in some cases.

Many Hispanics and Asians technically have lighter skin than whites, but facts are moot in the world of Democrat logic. If you have any kind of European background you are automatically a second-class citizen to leftists, many of whom are of European origin and thus hate themselves as well as others who look like them.

Never before in American history have things been as backwards as they are now. The party of “equality” and “anti-racism” spends nearly all of its time pushing inequality and racism against whites, which it says will somehow produce more “equality” and “anti-racism.”

None of it makes any sense, of course, because that is not the point. Since millions of brainwashed Americans, many of them white, have long been programmed to believe that white always equals bad, the hateful rhetoric of Hirono and Duckworth is music to their ears as far-left whites cheer on their own destruction.

Keep in mind that Duckworth and Hirono actually hold enough power to block any further appointments of white people to Biden’s cabinet. They are dead serious, in other words, about only supporting non-white candidates from here on out, to the detriment of qualified white candidates simply trying to make a living.

Hirono in particular also has the backing of Facebook, which back in the fall demonetized the Babylon Bee for publishing a satire article about her.

“Two of the millions of Democrat Party racists,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press about Hirono and Duckworth.

“These two should be expelled from the Senate,” commented another. “If a black senator said no Asians, there would be hell to pay – or even more if a white person said no blacks. And these Democrats are making our laws …”

More related news about white genocide in America can be found at Collapse.news.

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