Tuesday, October 03rd, 2023

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DNC Secret: Hillary Will Kneecap Biden at the Convention. Here’s how.

DNC Secret: Hillary Will Kneecap Biden at the Convention. Here’s how.

While the Bernie Bros desperately attempt to claw back from the brink of extinction, the DNC pushes Granpa Joe into the spotlight, gaffes and all. A reasonable person would wonder how anyone could imagine Biden holding his own in a debate against President Trump.

Let me help: The powers within the DNC and the Superdelegates have absolutely no intention of Biden getting the Democrat nomination. They don’t even care about Biden’s mumbling musings and dementia outbursts–as long as he keeps Sanders from getting to the magic number of 1,991 delegates.

The media is behind the effort, but I doubt even they see the treachery coming in Milwaukee. If neither candidate reaches 1,991 delegates in the first round, the Superdelegates will swoop in during a brokered convention and it will be Hillary 2020.

With a recently sculptured fresh face and a dazzling biopic playing on Hulu touting her magnificence, Hillary is rested and ready.

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As soon as the Sander’s campaign is safely in the rear-view mirror, the establishment Dems will have succeeded in clearing a path for Hillary, using Biden’s “medical condition” as an excuse.

It may not be the White House for Biden, but it’s better than the Big House! With Granpa Joe wandering out of frame, not even the mean old Orange Man could bring himself to prosecute this babbling idiot. The nation would mourn his demise and the media would ask one another how they could have missed the signs.

Pssst….don’t tell Joe

SITUATION UPDATE on Dean Garrison, a pioneer in conservative political blogging. Dean recently suffered a heart attack and a stroke leading to a brain hemorrhage. He is slowly recovering but this situation, coupled with a large family of a wife and six children has been financially devastating. If you would like to contribute via Gofundme, the link is here.

David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran and former Marine aviator. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events.

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