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EU, WHO both warn that covid “booster” shots are dangerous

EU, WHO both warn that covid “booster” shots are dangerous

(Natural News) Marco Cavaleri, head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has warned that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “booster” shots are a dangerous prospect and “not something that we can think should be repeated constantly.”

This high-level European Union (EU) regulator is singing the same tune as the World Health Organization (WHO), which similarly warned the public that taking booster shot after booster shot is not going to provide any real or lasting protection against a Fauci Flu infection.

In fact, the more shots a person gets, the weaker his or her immune system gets over time. Much like the progression of AIDS, Fauci Flu shots deplete the immune system over time, especially when taken over and over again.

It used to be that society recognized drug abusers who constantly inject needles into their bodies for the latest fix are a detriment to themselves and to public health. Now, it has become a “virtue” for the jab-obsessed to roll up their sleeves endlessly for another hit of Fauci Flu juice.

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Instead of fully recommending against boosters, however, both the EU and the WHO are instead telling countries to space out their booster campaigns over a longer time period. They say that timing the booster campaigns to correspond with cold and flu “season” will somehow help to improve health outcomes.

“We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting,” Cavaleri added in a statement, echoing the same sentiments as WHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro who said much the same thing in a recent announcement.

Omicron (aka the common cold) being used as justification for more boosters

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla wants nothing to do with the recommendations of the WHO or the EU.

Because more shots in arms equals more cash in his pocket (and a higher Pfizer stock price), Bourla wants as many booster shots emergency-authorized as possible, no matter what they do to people.

Bourla wants at least four Pfizer mRNA (messenger RNA) injections in every person’s body. After that, the sky is the limit.

His claim is that because the omicron (moronic) variant of the Fauci Flu is rapidly spreading (supposedly), booster shots are needed to “save lives” and “flatten the curve,” or whatever it is these people are claiming nowadays as an excuse.

The truth is that covid jabs do not save lives. What they do save is Wall Street profits, though, at least until enough people finally catch on to the scam of all this.

“Thinking people have been saying this for the past two years,” wrote a commenter at Just the News about how booster shots are unsafe, ineffective, and little more than a cash grab coupled with a depopulation effort.

“These experimental gene therapies the indoctrinated are taking are poison, as are the boosters. They ARE NOT vaccines. There is NO maybe about it. They are KILLING people. But, it’s called ‘culling the herd.’ We really don’t want these easily duped ‘karens’ hanging around anyway. Buh-bye.”

Over at Natural News, a reader wrote that the system wants people “vaxxed till you die.” Whatever life remains inside a person after getting injected will depend upon the strength of their one natural immune system, which is now compromised for life.

“Eventually, everyone will be walking around pushing a cart with an IV bag that slowly drips the COVID shot directly into their triceps 24×7,” wrote another jokingly.

Another expressed concerns about the nano-tech in the Pfizer injections (and likely the other brands, too) that “is poisonous to biological life.”

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