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Everything your medical doctor is NOT telling you

Everything your medical doctor is NOT telling you

(Natural News) In the American medical world, nothing ever really gets “solved.” It’s all about “maintenance” and treating symptoms, using drugs, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Hospital errors are at an all-time high as are hospital “superbugs” which are viruses and bacteria that are immune to antibiotics and spread like wildfire from patient to patient. There is plenty for the typical M.D. (medical deity) to brush under the proverbial rug, and it’s all part of the unwritten code of only treating the symptoms, never the cause.

In America, there is no reward for doctors curing their patients, in fact, they’re punished for it. If a patient comes in with chronic inflammation and joints swelling, not a single M.D. will talk to them about toxic canola oil, GMOs, fluoridated water, conventional gluten, bleached foods, aspartame, MSG, or nitrate-loaded meats.

If that M.D. gave any nutritional advice that could possibly heal that patient, that doctor would be shut down by the American Medical Association and Big Pharma thugs – and mafia-style at that. In fact, worse things happen than just that if a doctor or scientist finds a cure for any American sick care disease (think of all the holistic, cancer-curing doctors that got murdered in Florida a few years back).

In America, there IS reward for doctors whose patients stay sick and get sicker. Many doctors work on a referral system where they send patients back and forth for unnecessary and expensive tests to be run, even when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the patient (usually because insurance covers most of it). Let’s never forget the serial-killing cancer doctor at Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, Farid “The Freak” Fata, who worked alongside David Psycho-Blogger Gorski, and referred his patients out for cancer treatments and chemotherapy when they didn’t even have cancer.

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Dr. Fata raked in millions for his crimes and confessed to it all in the end, before he went to federal prison for mass murder. The freak even concocted his own super-intense chemotherapy that he used to murder people, then he’d say they died from cancer. His cohort, Dr. David Gorski, is STILL operating on women’s breasts somewhere near Fata’s old headquarters, while blogging from the operating table about his “dumb” patients (under his secret pseudo name”Orac”).

What’s a chemo regimen and why is it “sold” by doctors?

It all starts with “scam-o-gram” mammogram false-positives. Innocent women are subjected to radiation that causes cancer, then they go walk or “march for the cure” to something their doctor is perpetuating with toxic “preventive medicine.” What a bad joke. Americans simply don’t want to believe their doctor and oncologist are doing them wrong. They think eight years of medical school means they are the Gods of medicine, but the whole system has been rigged for over 100 years, so there’s that.

A chemotherapy regimen defines the drugs, their dosage, the duration and frequency of “treatments.” Many different drugs are mixed for a chemo regimen, and most are never tested to be utilized this way. Doctors just guess and cross-prescribe drugs based on bonuses and “spiffs” they get from big pharma deep-pocket corporations. Then they tell you it’s your “best chance” at staving off the cancer. That’s how doctors “sell” chemo regimens.

What the doctors also can’t talk about is that chemo “treatment plans” and regimens wipe out your immune system, setting you up to simply die from the flu, MRSA superbugs, pneumonia, and other prominent infections that brew and breed in U.S. hospitals.

Watch public health advocate and physician Leana Wen blow the whistle on the corrupt cancer industry (at a TED talk no less), while she turns transparent the oblique world of corrupt physicians in America.

To round this one off for you, here are the top 10 pieces of honest advice and sensible care no M.D. in America can, will, or ever has mentioned to his/her patients (plus other “faux pas”):

#1. M.D.s can never tell you the cancer is caused by vaccines.

#2. M.D.s can never say that GMOs cause cancer and dementia.

#3. M.D.s can never inform you that fluoride in tap water and toothpaste causes cancer, brittle bones, and a lowered IQ.

#4. No M.D. can ever tell you that eating turmeric with curcumin every day reverses cancer.

#5. They can never say that chemotherapy kills more people than cancer, just check the Pharma Death Clock if you don’t believe that.

#6. Hospital errors are never called errors – the doctors just say their patient “died of complications.”

#7. Most prescribed medications are used to cover up and quell the side effects of other medications already prescribed, instead of trying to cure the illness or malady.

#8. More than 75 percent of doctors and oncologists would NEVER take chemotherapy themselves if they got cancer, nor would they advise close relatives to take a chemo regimen.

#9. Most surgeries for cancer are useless, because the cancer starts in the blood and travels, targeting weakened tissue. Plus, rogue surgery often spreads cancer.

#10. The flu shot is loaded with mercury and can cause weakened immunity to influenza the following years, plus worsened cases of the flu at that. That’s why the flu shot is almost always free. Get it? More business for your M.D.

Tune in to Cures.News and find out how to prevent and reverse cancer, without experimental pharmaceuticals, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

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