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Facebook violates Candace Owens’ civil rights, results in DOJ investigation of racial discrimination

Facebook violates Candace Owens’ civil rights, results in DOJ investigation of racial discrimination

On Friday, Rick Manning, the president of the conservative group Americans for Limited Government, called on the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to investigate Facebook for discriminating against Candace Owens on the basis of race and sex by suspending her account.

“Is Facebook a public accommodation under federal civil rights law? Candace Owens, a young, black, conservative woman has been suspended on Facebook for expressing the opinion that liberal policies encourage black fatherless households that contribute to black poverty. It is obvious that Ms. Owens is being discriminated against because she is an African-American woman who is challenging liberal orthodoxy,” he said.

“Facebook has also come under attack for allowing discriminatory conduct by those using their platform to sell and rent homes. Some might argue that as a private platform Facebook is immune from this type of fair housing civil rights violation, however, case law says something different. Under the Fair Housing Act, realtors cannot selectively show houses on the basis of race. The Facebook advertising product clearly falls within civil rights law.

“The U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division has a responsibility to investigate Facebook for the Owens case racial discrimination. In one instance, it is racial discrimination of opportunity in fair housing. And the other, it is racial discrimination by a public accommodation, Facebook, and should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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On Friday, Fox News reported that Facebook temporarily suspended Owens’ account over a post about “liberal supremacy.”

According to Fox:

In a statement to Fox News, Facebook said they reinstated her account a day later after determining the post wasn’t in violation of community standards.

“We’ve restored Ms. Owens’ post and removed the block on her account after confirming that the content didn’t violate our policies,” a Facebook spokesperson said Friday.

On Thursday, Owens, who is black, posted a statement along with statistics showing the poverty rates among African-Americans, whites and African-Americans who are married. The statement read: “Black America must wake up to the great liberal hoax. White supremacy is not a threat. Liberal supremacy is.”

Facebook Owens

As we reported earlier, the Trump administration has established a website to collate stories of discrimination, harassment and censorship on social media sites like Facebook.

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