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FACT CHECK: NIH doesn’t recommend ivermectin because its panel members have conflicting financial interests

FACT CHECK: NIH doesn’t recommend ivermectin because its panel members have conflicting financial interests

(Natural News) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) does not think that anyone should ever be allowed to use ivermectin to try to treat a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. The reason is because its board members have financial interests elsewhere.

You see, by allowing ivermectin to be used as an early treatment for Chinese Germs, NIH board members could lose money in their other investments. And since money is their god, your life must be sacrificed on the altar of “science.”

According to the NIH, there is supposedly “insufficient evidence” to support the use of ivermectin, which means that the agency will not recommend its use. Upon closer look, though, “insufficient evidence” is just a convenient excuse.

The truth, according to revelations brought to light via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, is that numerous NIH board members have direct financial ties to Merck, a pharmaceutical company that just so happens to have campaigned against the use of ivermectin for treating the Wuhan Flu.

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Merck, by the way, manufactures ivermectin and it would appear that its financially tied board members at the NIH have been instructed to hold out for a new on-patent replacement, so they can all make more money.

Adaora Adimora, Roger Bedimo, and David V. Glidden are among the NIH board members who get paid by Merck to pursue its interests. These interests do not include prescribing ivermectin to treat the Fauci Flu, which explains why the NIH opposes its use.

Another NIH board member, Susanna Naggie, also has a conflict of interest in that she was awarded a $155 million grant to study ivermectin after she voted to oppose the drug’s recommendation.

“Funding for the study would have been difficult to justify if the drug was recommended for use in COVID-19,” reported TrialSiteNews. “It is not known, however, if the panelist was aware of that opportunity or was planning to apply for that grant at the time of the deliberations on ivermectin.”

The NIH is just as corrupt as the FDA and the CDC

In order to claim that there is “insufficient evidence” supporting ivermectin’s use in treating covid, the NIH had to sidestep the mountain of evidence showing that the drug does, in fact, fight viruses.

The NIH basically had to pretend as though all the independent science out there in support of ivermectin does not actually exist. Instead, we were told, ivermectin is just a “horse dewormer” that everyone should ignore for their own safety.

This tactic might work on people who believe everything the television tells them and who never do any of their own research, but to everyone else this is an obvious lie.

Not only has the NIH made a total mockery of itself, but it has defiled the notion that Americans can trust their regulatory bodies to tell them the truth for the sake of public health.

The only thing that Merck, the NIH and their ilk care about is their own bank accounts. Your life certainly does not matter to these greed-buckets, who will continue to watch people needlessly die while raking in all that special interest cash.

The fact that the NIH would not even publicly reveal why it issued a non-recommendation for ivermectin is telling in and of itself. What other skeletons in the closet are this fake public health agency trying to hide?

“The deception and secrecy surrounding the NIH ivermectin non-recommendation should have raised serious doubts about its integrity,” TrialSiteNews explained.

“The grotesque conflicts of interest of Panel members should make it clear that the NIH, as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) with its slandering of ivermectin as a ‘horse dewormer,’ should not be taken seriously.”

Meanwhile, this pharma-industrial complex of corruption is trying to cut off all ivermectin prescriptions period, which would make it next to impossible for people to access.

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