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Feminists finally wake up and realize the LGBT transgender mafia is a threat to all women

Feminists finally wake up and realize the LGBT transgender mafia is a threat to all women

(Natural News) For daring to host an event attended by a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual feminist who believes that it’s impossible for a biological man to ever become a “woman,” no matter how many pharmaceuticals he takes and surgeries he undergoes, the Toronto Public Library is now under vicious attack by the transgender mafia.

According to reports, an angry mob of pro-trans activists assembled in front of the library to protest a panel that was organized by Radical Feminist Unite-Toronto, which had invited Meghan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current, to participate as one of the speakers.

Because Murphy doesn’t fully jive with the agenda of the transgender movement, the mob accused her of engaging in “hate speech,” and the library of facilitating it. They also held up signs and chanted about how “Trans rights are human rights!” and called on their allies to “Take back TPL (Toronto Public Library)!” along with repeating the obligatory leftist mantra of “Shame!” outside the building.

Keep in mind that Murphy sees nothing wrong with abortion and thinks that homosexuality is completely normal, which makes her an archetypal Western feminist. But because she also believes in science and natural biology as it concerns human biology, she’s now being persecuted by even louder and more extreme leftists than herself.

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Twitter even went so far as to ban Murphy for refusing to tow the transgender line, and Murphy has repeatedly been attacked by social media warriors for her stance on the human binary. She now faces potential silencing in the public square as well, simply for disagreeing with the mental derangement of transgenders and their “allies.”

“The LGBT crowd are far past asking for ‘equality,’” writes Jonathon Van Maren for Life Site News, pointing out that free speech is now under violent attack by the transgender mafia. “[N]ow, they are imperiously demanding that anyone who is not on board with the latest fetish or fantasy they’ve conjured up be gagged and banned from the public square.”

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Supporting LGBTQPs means supporting totalitarianism

The fact that a pro-gay feminist is now being targeted by others leftists as not only a “hater” but also a “white supremacist,” simply because she believes in natural human biology, perfectly illustrates the rabidly authoritarian mindset of todays LGBTQPs.

There’s no longer any room for free thought in today’s society, as the Cult of LGBTQP demands that everyone kowtow to their demands, or else face their ire. And this ire is manifesting as open oppression against other people’s free speech rights.

“The public square, in their minds, is for Pride Parades, Drag Queen Storytime, and other obscene events,” Van Maren says about how LGBTQPs think.

While it’s perfectly within their right to protest if they so choose, LGBTQPs do not have the liberty to silence the voices of others, which is what they’re desperately trying to achieve in the name of “tolerance” and “love.”

“My uneasiness did not come from the fact that a bunch of angry LGBT folks and their grovelling allies were out protesting – I actually believe in freedom of speech,” Van Maren goes on to explain in his article about the dangerous precedent that’s now being set.

“It came from a simple thought that crossed my mind as I watched them bay for Murphy’s head: If this is how much they hate a pro-gay feminist, and these are the lengths they will go to in order to ruin her life, what will they do to us when they get the chance?”

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