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Georgia election “untrustworthy” and riddled with fraud, Senate committee report concludes

Georgia election “untrustworthy” and riddled with fraud, Senate committee report concludes

(Natural News) The Georgia State Senate has released its final report outlining the extent of the known election fraud that took place in the Peach State, and its conclusions are damning.

Because of how “chaotic” the process was, the election results “must not be viewed as trustworthy,” the report found. Proper protocols were not followed and fraud was prolific, resulting in an outcome that is certifiably false, or at the very least questionable.

As for mail-in ballots, there was no chain of custody in place to ensure that only legal ones made it into the count. Consequently, large numbers of fraudulent votes were added to the state’s totals.

With no way to trace the ballots after they were separated from the point of origin, it is impossible to truly know how many of them were valid. Even in cases where ballots appeared “pristine,” their origin was “suspicious” and unable to be verified.

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The report also highlights how poll workers were unable to distinguish between test ballots and absentee ballots, as well as verify, according to the law, that signatures on ballots matched those on their corresponding envelopes.

On the night of the election, poll watchers say, as verified in sworn affidavits, that many ballots were not secured. Seals and security tags were missing or not used, and chain of custody “was often lax or non-existent.”

During the recount, poll monitors observed similar patterns of unsecured ballots with broken seals, or boxes of ballots sitting around for hours or even overnight unsecured.

“There was a lack of enforcement of the law, sloppy handling of the ballots by those counting, deliberate covering-up of voting numbers by workers, lack of following the process during the recount, unsafe handling of military ballots, and insecure data such as on laptops and flash drives,” reports CD Media.

“According to submitted testimony, there were also many equipment failures when ballots would not go through the machines and other times when ballots were counted more than once.”

Attorney Sidney Powell is in hot pursuit of seeing justice prevail. To learn more about her efforts, be sure to check out her Defending the Republic website.

Democrats used COVID-19 excuses like “social distancing” to keep Republicans from watching ballot counts

Every effort appears to have been made to prevent a free and fair election from occurring in Georgia. Transparency was non-existent, and the process was controlled from start to finish by corrupt Democrats who prevented their Republican counterparts from effectively participating.

At many poll locations, Republicans were given incorrect directions or no directions at all. They were locked out of ballot counting rooms, sent home early, or given menial assignments – anything to keep them from monitoring what was taking place to throw the election for Joe Biden.

All throughout the state, poll watchers were kept at an unreasonable distance from the ballot counting areas. The excuse of “social distancing” was repeatedly used to keep honest eyes from watching the fraud as it took place.

Republicans were also prevented from watching what was being entered into the ARLO system. They were instead told that those numbers would be totaled and arrive back from the Secretary of State’s office.

“The legislature should carefully consider its obligations under the U.S. Constitution,” concludes CD Media.

“If a majority of the General Assembly concurs with the findings of this report, the certification of the Election should be rescinded and the General Assembly should act to determine the proper Electors to be certified to the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential race.”

Because time of the essence, the chairman and senators who concur with the report’s findings are also encouraging the leadership of the general assembly and the governor to immediately convene for further consideration of how to proceed.

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