GOP Rep Dan Crenshaw, Sen Lindsey Graham Push Gun Control In Wake Of Leftist’s Mass Shooting

Establishment GOPers Dan Crenshaw and Lindsey Graham joined with Democrats in a push to disarm their own voter base in the wake of antifa-supporting leftist Connor Betts’ mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Senator Lindsey Graham similarly exploited the shooting to push for gun control:

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From Buzzfeed, “Lindsey Graham Is Writing A Bill To Take Guns Away From People Deemed Dangerous”:

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham told BuzzFeed News he will start crafting legislation next week to expand police powers to preemptively seize firearms from people believed to be a danger to themselves or others.

Graham is angling to get bipartisan support for his bill, and has been in discussions with Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Neither would outline specifics Thursday beyond saying it will be an original piece of legislation. Graham said work on hammering out the contents of the bill will begin next week.

Why do Republican sell-outs always push for their own law-abiding supporters to be disarmed after some unhinged criminal commits a crime?

“Red-flag” laws mean panels of unelected leftist bureaucrats and cops deciding on who is allowed to own a gun.

We’ve already seen how that has worked out in Maryland.

Our government’s complete and total refusal to address any of our society’s actual problems (and insistence on only making them worse) is what’s “radicalizing” people.

The problem is our hostile, corrupt, decadent ruling class, not the small amount of free speech and gun rights we still have left.

UPDATE: Trump Demands Gun Control, Executions For ‘Hate Crimes,’ Asks DOJ & Social Media to Detect Pre-Crime

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