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HUGE: Federal judge blocks Biden’s nationwide covid “vaccine” mandate for employees of federal contractors

HUGE: Federal judge blocks Biden’s nationwide covid “vaccine” mandate for employees of federal contractors

(Natural News) Another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandate from fake “president” Joe Biden has been squashed by a federal judge.

U.S. District Court Judge R. Stan Baker out of Georgia issued an order barring the Biden regime from requiring federal contract employees to get jabbed for Chinese Germs by Jan. 4.

Up to one-quarter of the entire American workforce would be impacted by the mandate, including employees of Lockheed Martin Corp., Microsoft Corp., General Motors Co., and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, among many others.

The halt is nationwide, meaning nobody in the United States who works for a company contracted by the federal government will be forced to take the injections against their will (though many already did before the ruling was made, thinking they had to).

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“This is the latest defeat for Biden’s unlawful mandates (the OSHA and CMS mandates already receiving nationwide stays),” someone on Twitter tweeted along with a screenshot of the judge’s order.

The ruling follows several others that issued stays for mandates affecting health care workers and private businesses that employ more than 100 people.

In Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio, it was also ruled that Biden does not possess the power or authority to issue an executive order mandating that workers take an injection against their will.

Several Republican members of Congress have also threatened to remove government funding if Biden and his cronies do not relent in trying to force the deadly shots on people without their consent.

Judge Baker says Biden’s jab mandates will have “major impact on the economy”

Earlier in the month, representatives from several Georgia universities testified at an injunction hearing about how enforcing jab mandates would be expensive, onerous and costly.

Because these schools receive millions of dollars from the federal government, they are feeling threatened themselves with lost funding if they do not comply with Biden’s orders.

The court ultimately found that Congress never authorized Biden to issue such a mandate, which it said “goes far beyond addressing administrative and management issues in order to promote efficiency and economy in procurement contracting.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, meanwhile, argued at one of her infamous press conferences that Biden’s jab mandates are really awesome and need to be enforced and expanded.

“The reason that we proposed these requirements is that we know they work and we are confident in our ability, legally, to make these happen across the country,” Psaki said, claiming that 92 percent of federal employees are now fully injected (well, except for the endless “boosters”).

In his ruling, Baker added that if Biden’s jab mandate is allowed to stand, there will be a “major impact on the economy at large, as it limits contractors’ and members of the workforce’s ability to perform work on federal contractors.”

“Accordingly, it appears to have vast economic and political significance,” he added.

Georgia was joined by Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia in defying the mandate. Also suing in separate lawsuits are Arizona, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma.

“The damage has already been done,” noted one Zero Hedge commenter about how this is all too little, too late.

“How many lost their jobs over an illegal order? How many millions that didn’t want the death jab were already forced by their employer? You can vote your way into communism but you have to shoot your way out.”

“The Supreme Court will rule against the people,” wrote another, believing this to all be more political theater that will ultimately end in disappointment followed by more tyranny.

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