Hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots to be discarded, declares Sidney Powell

(Natural News) Sidney Powell, the attorney for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn who now works for the Trump campaign, is sounding the alarm about how the election outcome may not go the way that Democrats are being told it is by the mainstream media.

Speaking to Fox Business‘ Maria Bartiromo during a recent interview, Powell revealed that the Trump camp is sitting on substantial statistical evidence yet to be unveiled that shows the ballot counts in numerous states are more than likely fraudulent.

Powell says her next venture is to explain these statistical anomalies to the public, showing how it is mathematically impossible for the election as it is currently being reported by the corporate media to be honest and fair.

Based on her statements, Powell and the Trump camp have evidence in their possession to suggest that the same number of votes for Biden were injected into both Wisconsin and Michigan three different times, for instance. This is statistically impossible apart from some kind of fraud or “mistake.”

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“I think there were two different injections of exactly the same numbers in Michigan and then in Milwaukee it happened three times,” Powell contends. “Needless to say, time is of the absolute essence.”

On top of this, Powell says multiple states did not even follow the election law established by their own legislatures, including in Pennsylvania where the State Supreme Court illegally extended the voting deadline past 8pm on election day.

“That’s a whole separate issue,” Powell says about these particularly irregularities.


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Beyond that, four states “deviated significantly from what the legislature told them to do,” Powell added. This included rushing in “pallets of ballots” through “the back door” of the ballot counting centers in the middle of the night.

“There is tons of evidence that hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded and they’re all for Biden,” Powell further revealed, sending a major arrow across the bow.

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Burden of proof on Biden camp to prove questionable ballots are valid

Yet another glaring problem with the election was the use of Dominion Voting Systems, a software program that has since been exposed as swapping votes, padding vote counts, and performing other illicit functions that clearly altered the true election results.

“There is a substantial problem with the Dominion system,” Powell explained. “We are reviewing all of that and connecting the dots.”

The good news is that the Trump team only needs to prove these claims by a preponderance of the evidence rather than beyond all reasonable doubt, which makes it a much easier nut to crack.

“Given the fact that a ballot itself is evidence, the burden should be on the party seeking to introduce the ballots in their favor to prove that the chain of custody was maintained,” Powell says.

When asked if she believes that Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice (DOJ) will find anything in their own investigations into election fraud, Powell responded that if they somehow do not then they are engaging in “willful blindness.”

“There are stacks of evidence and testimony from any number of witnesses – I’ve lost count of how many they have (because) more pour in every day,” Powell further explained.

“I would encourage every American patriot who saw an irregularity such as a thumb drive being inserted into a voting machine during the tally, and the tally suddenly changing to massive pallets of ballots coming in the back door in the middle of the night and not properly handled at all, and just cranked out” to come forward and submit their stories as evidence, she concluded.

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