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Hunter Biden ordered Facebook to remove account criticizing him… and Facebook complied

Hunter Biden ordered Facebook to remove account criticizing him… and Facebook complied

(Natural News) Sex pervert Hunter Biden is once again being exposed for conspiring with his dad to commit treason against the United States.

Newly surfaced emails from Hunter’s infamous laptop shows that he and his Pedophile-in-Chief father contacted Facebook to demand that an account with incriminating information about the duo be deleted – and the Silicon Valley giant complied.

Any popular Facebook accounts that said anything “negative” about Pedo Joe were to be removed at the demand of the Biden Crime Family, the emails said, including the account of the New York Post, which initially blew the lid on the Biden family’s treasonous crimes against America.

The now-removed posts revealed that Hunter had conspired with Ol’ Joe to use the family’s influence to get Hunter a job with a Ukrainian energy firm while his dad was occupying the White House the first time around alongside Barack Hussein Obama.

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China Joe was able to enrich his son, and his family, using his office to craft lucrative business deals with foreign nations like Ukraine and China, compromising the integrity of his office while putting U.S. national security at risk.

Because Facebook is a member of the same club, it did the Biden Crime Family a favor by “fact checking” all posts about these and other acts of treason, ultimately ruling them to be “false” even though they are fully backed by undeniable evidence.

According to Facebook, anything other than praise and worship for the Biden family is “Russian disinformation.”

“While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want to be clear that this story is eligible to be fact-checked by Facebook’s third-party fact-checking partners,” announced Facebook communications director Andy Stone at the time.

“This is part our [sic] standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation. We temporarily reduce distribution pending fact-checker review.”

As expected, Facebook “fact checkers” determined that every “mean” thing said about the Bidens must be false because they are such wonderful human beings. Thus, all stories about them on many of the most popular Facebook accounts were quickly removed.

The Biden Crime Family is deeply connected to Facebook

Back to Hunter’s emails, a handful of them from as far back as 2010 show that while Pedo Joe was vice president, Hunter was emailing back and forth with Chris Kelly, who served as Chief Privacy Officer, first General Counsel, and Head of Global Public Policy at Facebook.

In those emails, Hunter expressed his desire to meet up with Kelly to talk about how Hunter’s brother Beau, now deceased, might be able to swipe millions of dollars from “Silicon Valley Dems” for a project he was working on concerning “online predator.”

“Hey Hunter, I’m coming to do a small event with your dad next Tuesday – in on red eye, out late afternoon,” Kelly wrote in an April 3, 2012, email to Hunter. “We have a little time before and after and would love to catch up if you’re around.”

The back-and-forth emails show that Facebook was heavily involved with protecting the Biden family’s public image, and that it was devoted to ensuring that nothing that might harm them would ever come to light.

Many Facebook users still got the word out, of course, but the platform clamped down as best it could to ensure that distribution of the truth remained at a minimum.

“These Hunter Biden emails prove that while Joe Biden was serving as Obama’s VP, Hunter Biden, over a time span of several years, orchestrated his meetings with Facebook executives around his father’s White House meetings with the same Facebook executives for the sake of profiting off of Chris Kelly’s wealth and Silicon Valley connections,” explains Laura Loomer.

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