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I’m Begging for YOUR Help

I’m Begging for YOUR Help

Life is funny sometimes.

Two years ago I thought I was done. I went blind and could barely do anything. I had little or no support at home and I was doing my best to keep our sites going, cause my family had to have income, but they were barely staying afloat.

My wife kicked me out in July and I found myself in Nebraska with an old friend — Chad Miller. Without his help I would be homeless.

Chad is one of the original writers from DC Clothesline and will be publishing his first article in many years today.

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So I’m OK physically but the fate of my children terrifies me and my lawyers have eaten almost everything I have left.

I’ve got my eyes back and I’m back to work but, like most all of conservative America, my sites are heavily censored and I need a miracle to make it through.

Assuming I can pay my lawyers off, I should be getting my kids back in the coming months. But I have almost nothing left and the sites pay 30-60 days behind.

I need money to give me and my kids a new life.

I’m back and I can see again.

The sites are back and we will start hammering the evil political elite again.

But if I can’t survive the next few months, my children will pay the ultimate price.

They need to be with Dad and I’m begging for your donation to help that happen.

Help me now and I will NEVER give up on saving America from those who wish to take us down.

GOD-FAMILY-COUNTRY (in that order)…

The sites will probably survive.

The message will definitely survive.

But without my kids I’m done. That’s how I feel.

I’m scared and very depressed.

Help me and I’ll never give up on America (donate below).

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