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In 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation “predicted” the global food and energy crisis that is now unfolding

In 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation “predicted” the global food and energy crisis that is now unfolding

(Natural News) The timing of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is highly suspicious considering it has become the catch-all scapegoat for pretty much every bad thing currently happening in the world, including the global food crisis.

It turns out that the globalist Rockefeller Foundation has been talking about “resetting” the global food supply for years now, long before Vladimir Putin decided to initiate his “special operation” in Ukraine.

Back on July 28, 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation published a document called “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System” that warned about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) supposedly causing “a hunger and nutrition crisis” in the future – and one “unlike any this country has seen in generations,” it added, referring to the United States.

“According to The Rockefeller Foundation, the pandemic revealed deep problems in the U.S. food system that need to be ‘reset,’” writes Dr. Joseph Mercola about the issue.

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“‘Reset the Table’ was published just one month after the World Economic Forum (WEF) officially announced its plans for a ‘Great Reset,’ and many of the contributors to the Foundation’s paper are WEF members.”

We, too, reported on the Rockefeller Foundation’s plans months before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is now suddenly being blamed for the global food and energy crisis that is currently unfolding.

Those behind all this must just assume that nobody is paying attention to the constant narrative shifts, which are becoming ever more obvious each time it happens.

“While the report stresses the need for ‘healthy diets” and ‘sustainable’ food production, the words ‘natural,’ ‘organic’ or ‘grass fed’ are absent, so that’s not what they’re referring to,” Mercola warns about the hidden-in-plain-sight agenda.

“The WEF has, for years, promoted the idea that insects should be recognized as a healthy, sustainable protein alternative that can save the environment and solve world hunger.”

You will eat bugs and you will like it, says Rockefeller Foundation

Do you not find it interesting that groups like the Rockefeller Foundation always seem to know the future before it happens? Besides food, finance and economics, they also foretell about “natural disasters” in advance of their occurrence, often calling them “acts of God.”

Sure, some of the stuff is biblically prophetic. But other stuff just seems too convenient and too specifically accurate to what was foretold years prior to simply be an accident or a coincidence.

“They know everything before it happens,” Mercola says. “Perhaps they truly are prophets. Or, perhaps they’re simply describing the inevitable outcomes of their own actions.”

So, what exactly is in store for the future? Well, it sounds like a whole lot less meat and non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and a whole lot more insects, lab-cultured “meat,” and mass starvation – not to mention global depopulation from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Interestingly, the foreword to the “Reset the Table” openly states that it is “a comprehensive playbook” for the future architecture of the world order. It further states that “all of us” will be expected to comply with its dictates.

The book also talks about the so-called “Green Revolution,” a project in Africa that appears to have been a trial run for what is now planned for the entire world.

“… it left a legacy that we see clearly today, including overemphasis of staple grains at the expense of more nutrient-rich foods, reliance on chemical fertilizers that deplete the soil, and overuse of water,” Mercola writes.

“While it’s tempting to view this document as a sign of sanity, if you’ve looked into the WEF’s Great Reset plan, you’ll notice that ‘Reset the Table’ is just another cog in a wheel that is intended to run us over,” he adds.

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