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Insurance companies begin dropping policies for conservatives as blatant discrimination takes hold across corporate America

Insurance companies begin dropping policies for conservatives as blatant discrimination takes hold across corporate America

(Natural News) Baseball legend turned conservative commentator Curt Schilling had his insurance policy dropped from AIG the other day after the company had a look at his “social media profile” and found it to be unacceptable.

Schilling, a Trump supporter, had shared posts about election fraud and other pertinent issues, which according to the left means that he is a “domestic terrorist.” Schilling has thus been dropped by AIG.

“We will be just fine, but wanted to let Americans know that @AIGinsurance canceled our insurance due to my “Social Media profile,’” Schilling tweeted.

“The agent told us it was a decision made by and with their PR department in conjunction with management.”

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Schilling is just the latest casualty of the leftist “cancel culture” fascism, which has a zero-tolerance policy for all opposing viewpoints that contradict the edicts of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It started with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but is now reaching people’s employers and even their personal insurance policies.

Reports are also emerging to suggest that people suspected of supporting Trump are being cut off from banking services and put on the federal “no-fly” list for the “crime” of being a conservative.

“The purge has gone beyond the realm of simply silencing people on major platforms for their opinions, but punishing them for expressing them by trying to make their lives unlivable,” reports Paul Joseph Watson for Summit.news.

“Numerous respondents pointed out the obvious – that without insurance it’s impossible to mortgage a home or register a vehicle.”

Leftists are praising big corporations for discriminating against conservatives

The party of “equality” was quick to cheer Schilling’s canceled AIG policy. One wrote on Twitter, naturally, that Schilling “definitely earned it” by daring to support the president publicly.

“I mean …. capitalism right?” scoffed another in out-of-character support for an economic system that, because it has gone full fascism, is now worthy of praise. “They calculated the risk and decided your premiums weren’t worth the long term exposure?”

Democrats are partying it up while the republic burns, falsely believing themselves to be immune from the fascism that they are now cheering and promoting. When their time comes – and it will – there will be nobody left to fight said fascism because patriots will have already been silenced.

Keep in mind that AIG is the same failed insurance company that back in 2008 was bailed out by taxpayers.

The company’s executives were sent to a $440,000 retreat at a “posh California resort” less than one week after the political establishment used American taxpayer dollars to keep AIG artificially afloat. Now, AIG is terrorizing conservatives with the government’s blessing.

“AIG – the company that conspired with the feds to defraud the public and destroy the economy,” wrote one Summit.news commenter. “In the end they were bailed out by the very people they despise.”

The other irony is that leftists love to pretend as though they are “anti-fascists,” even when they openly engage in and promote fascism against conservatives and other political opponents.

Targeting political dissidents with persecution as corporations and government officials are now doing, with cheers from the left, is the very definition of fascism. It is everything that these “progressive” hypocrites claim to be against, revealing their total lack of self-awareness about the fact that they are the totalitarians they pretend to hate.

“Fascism,” wrote another. “Actual fascism, not just the insult over-used by liberal pudding heads.”

“Bolshevism,” responded another. “We’re here in part because we don’t know history. Fascists like their own country.”

More of the latest news about the fraudulent 2020 election and the sudden escalation in leftist fascism can be found at Fascism.news.

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