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Iran attacks! Pelosi Races Impeachment Articles to the Senate.

Iran attacks! Pelosi Races Impeachment Articles to the Senate.

Timing is everything

Pelosi and her lame cabal have been waiting for something–anything that might give an impetus to Trump’s impeachment. “Now is the time,” she’ll say, as she waves the impeachment articles in Senator McConnell’s face. “Now everyone sees how dangerous the Orange Man is! Who could possibly vote no on impeachment? We must remove him immediately.”

Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin evidence after this! Pelosi will demand the senate run him out of town! “National security! National security! We tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen.” Schiff will be lining up State Department lackeys and burned out Pentagon retirees to explain to the nation that THIS is exactly why it was so important to impeach Trump before he got us into a war. Shifty will be looking for ways to add more to the facile impeachment charges.

Intel Shows Soleimani Was A Protected CIA Asset

McConnell’s headache

Unfortunately, McConnell has just enough RINO squishes in the senate to make this close. I’m sure Romney is on the phone already trying to line up an alliance. THIS is what they were waiting for. Paul Ryan will be busy at FOX pushing for as much negative news coverage as possible.

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As Pelosi goes from studio to studio, media puppets will nod their bobbleheads in time to her stumbling cadence. “Yes! Speaker Pelosi, you TRIED to warn them! We can’t really blame the Iranians. They were provoked, their national hero slaughtered.”

Its the Sleeper Cells Hiding in Congress Posing the Most Danger

John Kerry will swagger around, reminding everyone how HE warned the nation that getting out of the nuclear deal with those nice Iranians was a huge mistake. Why, he’d even risked his freedom by violating the Logan Act so he could travel to Iran for a little shadow diplomacy.

Not so fast!

The big secret is no secret at all. Everyone knows this rocket attack is just what Pelosi and company were promoting and hoping for as they openly ridiculed the president and sympathized with Iran. Just today, Pelosi vowed to tie President Trump’s hands so he couldn’t fight back if the Iranians sought revenge. How do you think that message played in Iran?

Tomorrow and the next week, the lineup of never-Trumpers in the media will be nauseating, but not one of them will dare mention the fact that they instigated this attack. They made a great show of how sorry they were the good General had been killed—for no reason! They practically invited Iran to attack us.

Blame the rocket attacks and any other Iranian actions on Speaker Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and the rest of the gutless anti-military, anti-American stooges in Washington and Hollywood. Their hatred for Trump (and us) is so great they relish the spectacle of American deaths. They weep for their martyred hero Soleimani, even though 90 percent of them didn’t even know his name until he was killed.

Soleimani’s 28 yo Daughter is an AMERICAN Citizen, Threatens Death to American Soldiers

Obama and his administration set the stage by coddling Iran and Soleimani

In 2011 when Soleimani planned an assassination attempt, in our Nation’s Capital, on the Saudi Ambassador, President Obama’s response was to sanction him. The United Nations joined in this sanction, but Soleimani laughed, then traveled to Russia to meet with Putin. The spineless ignoramus in the White House believed that the best way to deal with a person planning a terror attack in your neighborhood was waving around what amounted to a restraining order.

It won’t be pretty, but

Watch the morning shows as Trump’s adversaries from both parties shove one another out of the way to get their chance to attack his foreign policies. But that’s old news. By now the nation knows that whatever Trump does, the old guard will automatically be against it.

President Trump will weigh his options to these attacks, undeterred by his political enemies. But, just like the impeachment debacle, the bad guys will be obvious to the American people. If we lose American lives, the public will stand behind our President and demand action, not side with the anti-American harpies.

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David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran and former Marine aviator. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events.

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