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IRS looks the other way while left-wing eco-terrorist groups use fundraising to hire ‘mobs’ to shut down U.S. senators’ events

IRS looks the other way while left-wing eco-terrorist groups use fundraising to hire ‘mobs’ to shut down U.S. senators’ events

(Natural News) Once again, the Internal Revenue Service has proven it is rife with Marxist authoritarians who have no tolerance for other political, cultural, and social points of view.

As noted by Frontpage Magazine columnist Daniel Greenfield, the tax agency is looking the other way as eco-terrorist groups hire “rent-a-mobs” to shut down certain events they don’t like using donated funds.

He writes:

Some leftist groups beat around the bush about what they stand for and what they do.

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Not ‘Climate Defiance’ which is running a fundraiser to ‘Make Complicit Climate Cowards’ Lives F____g Miserable’.

The ecoterrorist group which boasts of having “fully shut down Joe Manchin’s keynote” and “made pipeline lover Amy Klobuchar flee the stage at her own book launch party” is also pretty clear about what donors can buy by funding the environmentalist group.

For $100, you get “photography for one direct action” while $1,000 buys you a “whole keynote speech shutdown, soup-to-nuts.”

Funding for this illegal activity is being facilitated through the payment processors Stripe and PayPal, Greenfield noted. These companies have faced criticism in the past for suspending conservative individuals while seemingly allowing left-leaning individuals to financially support the harassment of elected officials.

Despite attempts to reach out for a comment, no response was received from either company, he said.

Climate Defiance’s operations are also connected to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) through a shared funding platform both share. Climate Defiance announced its fundraiser for “a bold action to blockade the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 29th to call attention to President Biden’s failed campaign promise to stop drilling on Federal Lands” per the Action Network.

In that same month, Declare Emergency, an extremist environmental group, gained attention after vandalizing the protective case of Degas’ Little Dancer sculpture at the National Gallery of Art. While a federal grand jury indicted the two individuals responsible for the act, no further action was taken against the group itself, despite the presence of their flyers at the scene and their urging of others to engage in similar actions, Greenfield pointed out.

Despite engaging in criminal activities, Declare Emergency has managed to maintain its 501(c)(4) status. According to tax code regulations, engaging in illegal and criminal activities should result in the revocation of such status.

However, investigations conducted by the David Horowitz Freedom Center have highlighted instances where leftist eco-terrorists, actual terrorists, and individuals involved in pedophilia have been able to retain their C3 and C4 status, regardless of the severity of their crimes, Greenfield explained.

The eco-terrorist group associated with the attack on the Degas sculpture, much like Climate Defiance, utilizes Action Network as a fundraising platform. However, they are not the only ones. Investigations conducted by the Freedom Center have revealed that various organizations, including Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the Communist Party USA, Antifa, and even the Democratic National Committee, all engage in fundraising through the Action Network.

“The Action Network, like Climate Defiance and Declare Emergency, is a 501(c)(4) and it shows the entanglement of the Democrat establishment with the far Left even when its extremists are targeting Senate Democrats and the White House for not adopting their full radical agenda,” Greenfield says. “The eco terrorists aren’t just funneling money through 501(c)(4)s, but have received funding from an actual 501(c)(3) organization that has to meet the gold standard of charitable activities. Eco-terrorism and any kind of illegal actions are very definitely not on the list.”

If the Biden administration and the IRS so decide, they have the ability to effectively address this issue. The violations are apparent, and revoking the nonprofit status of the Climate Emergency Fund should be a straightforward process. Both the tax code and past precedents make it abundantly clear that engaging in illegal activities and protests is incompatible with maintaining tax-exempt status for charitable organizations.

But of course, we know why that isn’t happening.

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