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Is CVS about to turn over millions of vaccine records to Bill Gates? Microsoft partnership raises HUGE questions and medical privacy and corporate exploitation of vaccine mandates

Is CVS about to turn over millions of vaccine records to Bill Gates? Microsoft partnership raises HUGE questions and medical privacy and corporate exploitation of vaccine mandates

(Natural News) CVS Health is partnering with Microsoft to develop a “data-driven, personalized, privacy-compliant customer experience,” which sounds a whole lot like Bill Gates getting his grubby, blood-stained hands into patients’ vaccine records.

According to reports, Microsoft Azure will help CVS “enhance its omnichannel pharmacy capabilities and deliver customized, omnichannel health recommendations,” which is likely only possible if patients’ medical histories are laid bare for Microsoft, and possibly Gates, to view and analyze.

Using advanced machine learning (ML) technology models run on Microsoft’s cloud computing service, CVS will be able to leverage the results to automate more healthcare-related tasks, the company says.

“Utilizing it as a strategic platform, CVS Health will migrate over 1,500 new and existing business applications to Azure cloud,” an announcement about the partnership explains.

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“Microsoft and CVS Health will also explore technology solutions, such as Microsoft HoloLens, Dynamics 365 Guides, and Remote Assist, that can support customers, employees, and healthcare partners can simplify complex procedures with intuitive tools to help support CVS Health employees.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also part of the partnership. AI robots with “cognitive abilities” will reportedly automate administrative and predictive processes in order to “reduce waste,” the company claims.

Microsoft Teams and Office products will also be utilized by retail employees to maintain “better access to customer health information.”

CVS also pursuing drones, phone app-drive flu shot reminders

As we reported back in 2019, CVS also created a partnership with UPS to start delivering pharmaceuticals to people’s homes via pilotless drones.

In as little as 10 minutes, a CVS customer would supposedly be able to get a drug prescription dropped off by one of these drones. Some 1,500 medical samples were delivered to WakeMed in Raleigh, N.C., in a trial of the program.

A year prior, CVS purchased Aetna Inc. for nearly $70 billion, which is also part of the company’s “digital health solutions provider.”

“The company launched a digital service called Aetna Virtual Primary Care in August 2021, including omnichannel features such as a continuous relationship with a virtual care physician, a virtual nurse care team, and access to other existing Aetna virtual care offerings,” reports explain.

CVS also partnered with IBM Watson Advertising to create a “chat-style, one-to-one interactions and targeted mobile promotions” system that pushes people through their mobile phones to get their seasonal flu shots.

Roshan Navagamuwa, CIO of CVS Health, says his company is “rapidly transforming” into a tech company that ascribes to a “digital-first, technology-forward” business approach.

This all sounds like it is right up Gates’ alley, which is why some are suspicious about him getting his hands on people’s private medical records. We already know that Gates wants to get as many needles into as many arms as possible, so it only makes sense that his original brainchild, Microsoft, is delving deep into the pharmacy sector.

“We are excited to partner with CVS Health on its digital transformation journey, collaborating together on how the company manages health data at scale, improves the customer experience, and drives operational efficiency,” announced Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s chief commercial officer.

“We will combine the power of data, the expansive reach of CVS Health’s world-class solutions, and Microsoft Teams to connect health care experts and create customized care and services that enable people to live healthier lives.”

CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health, currently operates around 10,000 stores. It also runs roughly 1,700 pharmacies located inside Target and Schnucks grocery stores.

“Business services at this scale requires a new level of partnership. Our collaboration with Microsoft will accelerate this work and empower our employees to provide quality care that is more personal and affordable,” claims Navagamuwa.

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