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Is the health freedom movement being infiltrated by covert actors with ulterior motives?

Is the health freedom movement being infiltrated by covert actors with ulterior motives?

(Natural News) Last year, anonymous sources released a document called “The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement” that, like its name suggests, addresses a potentially very serious problem plaguing the health freedom movement: infiltrators.

Recent revelations among health freedom figures have drawn fresh attention to The Themis Report. Many are now wondering: Are legitimate health freedom groups being infiltrated by phonies who know how to mimic the real thing while blending in and leading the movement down the wrong path?

It is certainly within the realm of possibility that not everything is what it seems when it comes to the “resistance.” A lot of deep-seated power structures that have ruled the planet for a long, long time are threatened by the truths coming out – so much so, in fact, that it would only make sense for them to introduce “chaos agents” into the mix.

Chaos agents, in this context, are members of the opposition, i.e., the pro-tyranny crowd, who pretend to support health freedom while gaining access to the inner circles of the movement. They appear on communication platforms like Telegram where health freedom advocates congregate and quietly start hijacking the conversation.

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Chaos agents exist to sabotage the health freedom movement either by leading its members down rabbit holes to nowhere or purposely planting false information among truthful information to discredit the movement’s effectiveness. Anything to undermine the success of health freedom is an option for chaos agents.

“Extremely powerful interests (*ahem* ‘stakeholders’ whose hired corporate agents claim to be able to ‘account the needs of … society at large,’ and probably also the Deep State, banking industry, military complex, energy barons, …) are … exercising power,” writes Mathew Crawford in his “Rounding the Earth Newsletter.”

“Personally, I’ve felt for several years already that we are in World War E, but I’m always open to hearing reasoned interpretations.”

What Crawford means by all this is that the stakes are high. Trillions of dollars are on the line if the health freedom movement is a success, which explains why billions have already been thrown at the situation to try to keep a lid on it.

“The stakes are high enough that anyone who would not expect infiltration of resistance movements is … exactly the kind of public school graduate the ruling elites love,” Crawford says.

“The FBI has a long history of such infiltration into activist organizations of all stripes, but since the establishment of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the entirety of the civilian and military intelligence apparatus is housed under one roof, so essentially all the tools are at everyone’s disposal. The edge between (1) banking collapse followed by restoration of level playing fields, and (2) Deep State mafia-style totalitarianism is not thin – it’s blurry. Worse yet, we’re clearly into Fifth Generation Warfare territory in which we can and should expect nonstate actors to be vying for their interests in the grand game of N-dimensional chaos chess.”

This is Fifth Generation Warfare and the stakes are high

According to The Themis Report, the majority of health freedom organizing these days takes place on Telegram. It thus only makes sense that if chaos agents and infiltrators are actively targeting the movement, they are more than likely doing so on Telegram.

Their tactics include the following six basic tenets:

1) Mimic the activity of existing groups
2) Target group owners and install bots
3) Assume control over the types of content that can be shared
4) Steer the group into unproductive channels and endeavors
5) Implement strategic damage control when exposed
6) Harvest members’ private data and information about their movement

This is the playbook in a nutshell. If you are someone who is involved in a health freedom group, think about each of these points and ask yourself: are there members you know of who might qualify as chaos agents?

Creating a witch hunt is not the intent of this thinking exercise, by the way. It is more of a wake-up call to encourage health freedom advocates to pay closer attention to others within the movement and be aware of some of the tactics that are commonly used to try to hijack it.

“It’s not a new strategy,” Crawford says about how much like the black heron that creates shade in order to attract fish, health freedom movement infiltrators are trained to be good at their craft and to blend in undetected.

“Are umbrella organizations being used to attract the fish? I feel certain that in some cases, the answer is yes. What is their goal? That’s far more complex. In Fifth Generation Warfare, we’re no longer talking about state actors – we’re talking about complex arrays of interests.”

After poring over hundreds upon hundreds of pages of documents and information about the matter, Crawford has identified intelligence agencies as possible sources of these chaos agent infiltrators, along with the religion of Scientology, which he says has “always had some overlapping interests with the Medical Freedom Movement insofar as they push back against modern psychiatry and some other aspects of the corporatist medical system.”

Check out The Themis Report for yourself to see if anything else about the chaos agent phenomenon rings a bell in your mind about something you have personally observed in your own health freedom circles.

The current deep state-controlled world order does appear to be in shambles, despite its agents’ best efforts to stop the ship from sinking. To keep up with the latest, visit

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