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It’s a Fight to the Death, No Prisoners, No Excuses, Just Victory

It’s a Fight to the Death, No Prisoners, No Excuses, Just Victory

As most of you read this I’ll be getting checked out by my local doctors again. Last Friday I had what I’ve always called a “ministroke” in Wal Mart before getting taken to ER in an ambulance and sent home a few hours later. Scary stuff but I’m used to it. The big strokes suck but the small ones just slow me down a little.

So I probably won’t get much up today but I need to ask for your help.

My wife kicked me out of the house on July 5th because I whined about how they (her and my 3 girls) left me and my disabled son on July 4th and went to “party” with her pot smoking friends.

To be fair she doesn’t smoke it in front of the kids but still… July 4th is a time for family to be together and celebrate our freedom.

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I stayed at a hotel for two days and then she didn’t want me back at all.

Does that offend you? The pot smoking reference? I am someone who has been on both sides of alcohol and marijuana and I prefer to think clearly and stay away from that stuff. It’s not for me. It took me years to figure that out but I am done. If you smoke occasionally — fine. If you get to the point where you can’t pay adequate attention to your loved ones, because you are always high — not fine.

That can eventually happen with potheads, or alcoholics, and often does.

Do you really wonder why we are in such a rush to legalize marijuana?

It destroys families, as does alcohol.

I’ll pass on both thanks.

So anyway, since July, I’ve been living in Nebraska with an old friend and trying to get my health in order. I am almost 20/20 again minus a blind spot in my right eye which is permanent stroke damage.

So I went back to work on January 1st and less than a month later the problems have started again.

I’m back at the doctor today.

I need help folks.

I need money to support my kids as I build my following back with the websites. In the first month back it looks like I made about $400-$500. In January 2021 I made over $10,000, while disabled!!!

I may eventually and officially be classified as disabled (appointment for final assessment is Feb. 22) but I can do this.

I only work 3 to 4 hours a day folks and have learned to support my family doing that. As my health improves I might work a bit more but never again will I work the 100+ hours per week I did in the beginning, to build the following for these sites.

I see now what it did to my health.

I had to give up my own ego and realize that there were great writers who told truth and were willing to share it with our readers. In the old days I wrote multiple articles every day. Now I mostly copy and paste stuff that is better than what I would have written in the first place.

That’s hard to admit for a writer but I’ve come to realize that I’m not the best, outside of my own head. Ego gets in the way sometimes.

I will be writing more over time but…

Victory is the most important thing now. The rest of you can take credit. I just want to win. My friend watches OAN and it makes me sick.

Why? We are dealing with the results of a rigged election and an engineered virus and nothing else really matters until the truth comes out and those problems are solved.

But they feel like they need variety for their viewers. I get that but we need MORE focus on the t two biggest problems we face…a rigged election and a virus built for worldwide depopulation.


If not, why not?

It will take 6 months to a year to build traffic back to where it was.

So I’m just asking for your help to survive in the short term and give my kids a new start.

Please help.

I will not let you down. Saving my family is just a step toward saving America.

GOD FAMILY COUNTRY (in that order)

Let freedom ring.

I’m coming for you Biden…

And you too Fauci…

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