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Joe Biden becomes totally incoherent during interview… spewing utter nonsense

Joe Biden becomes totally incoherent during interview… spewing utter nonsense

(Natural News) Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden made an appearance the other day on MSNBC‘s “The Reidout” with Joy Reid, and almost nothing he said during the interview made an ounce of sense.

While discussing something about voters going to the polls this fall, Biden started rambling incoherently about how “we have a whole group of lawyers who are going out to every polling, every uh, uh, uh, voter registration physician in the states.”

Instead of stopping to explain what a “voter registration physician” is, Biden continued on with something about how he has “the secretaries of state, making sure that they, in fact, have a game plan as to how they are going to allow the voting to take place.”

Uninterrupted by Reid, Biden went on to say that “we are continuing to push what Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and the House did,” explaining that “they passed money to allow for voting in place, to have, have, not only voting by mail but also voting in place, by providing the necessary equipment for social distancing, sanitation.”

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According to Biden, his team has “10,000 people who volunteered” to do these things, whatever these things are – can you make heads or tails out of what Biden is saying? And Reid, visibly perplexed, just sort of stared back at Biden and let him finish these and other nonsensical statements. And why would she not, seeing as how Biden is just a Marxist puppet, according to the Left.

Meanwhile, Trump got grilled by Chris Wallace during aggressive “Hardball” interview

Video clips of Biden struggling to speak these words and form cogent statements during the interview quickly went viral, with one Twitter user pointing out that the interview was “softball” to begin with, meaning Biden should not have had much trouble answering simple, non-probing questions from Reid.

Reid’s show is brand new, by the way, and her interview with Biden was something of an inaugural event to debut it. But what a sad testament to Biden’s ability to think and speak, demonstrating once again that he is simply unfit to hold the presidency.

Reid’s first two questions to Biden were easy, both having to do with President Trump and both framed in such a way as to tee-up Biden for a slam dunk. Her third question was also about Trump, whom she said “is trying again to take health care away from 20, 30 million people as his campaign strategy,” along with “kicking out immigrants.”

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All Biden had to do was recite the Democrat script about how Trump is a racist, Trump hates black and brown people, etc. But he was unable to do even that, instead babbling back and forth and struggling for words, repeating himself over and over again and veering off into other topics, unable to form a complete thought.

It was truly embarrassing, which is why almost nobody has dared to cover this interview outside of the alt-media. Meanwhile, President Trump endured a series of hardball questions from “Hardball” host Chris Matthews around the same time, to which he responded with ease.

“The precise opposite of Chris Wallace / Donald Trump – Dem hack Joy Reid and Dem hack Joe Biden enjoy each other’s company on MSNBC,” tweeted Rich Noyes, the Senior Editor at Newsbusters, comparing and contrasting the two interviews.

“That Joy Reid Biden interview was an embarrassment, especially compared with the grilling Chris Wallace gave Trump,” also tweeted David Marcus from The Federalist. “Fox is a news organization, MSNBC is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.”

Many others also joined in on the fun, pointing out the fact that Reid was “serving lollipop questions” to Biden while Trump was put through the ringer. It just goes to show how slanted the mainstream media can be when it comes to how it treats Democrats versus Republicans.

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