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Leaked video claiming fake ballots were ordered from communist China goes viral

Leaked video claiming fake ballots were ordered from communist China goes viral

(Natural News) A new video from GNews would appear to show fake ballots being ordered from communist China just prior to the 2020 election, adding fuel to the fires of election fraud allegations.

The video depicts two men speaking with one another over the phone in Mandarin Chinese while one rifles through stacks of ballots, feeling them and apparently authenticating that they are virtually identical to the real thing.

Someone who speaks Mandarin Chinese and translated the video for The Gateway Pundit has reportedly confirmed that the ballots depicted are, indeed, fake, having been ordered from a manufacturer in Kwangtung, China.

The fake ballots were ordered in bulk and shipped to the United States before Nov. 3. Some were apparently delivered to Charlotte County, Fla., as seen in a blurry screenshot image. Others were sent to other unknown destinations.

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“It is too bad that there is not a way to get a closer view of the ballot to see the candidates!” a Gateway Pundit reader wrote in a message to the news outlet about the video’s contents.

“Then you could detect the destination state. Hopefully you have some digital experts that (can) solve the problem.”

Perhaps one of our readers can detect based on the imagery where some of these ballots were sent. This writer was able to see that some of the ballots shown in the video did not go to Charlotte County, however it is unclear to which area or states they went instead.

Attorney Sidney Powell is also hot on the trail of investigating election fraud. You can support her work at this website.

Democrats still claiming “no evidence” of election fraud are blind as bats

An English translation of what is being said in the video includes statements suggesting that the quality of the ballots “is good,” and “as long as you have the money, the quantity is not a problem.”

The one man, however, suggests that “the ink and printing is different than normal,” to which the other man claims that it “doesn’t matter” and that he would “check the sample and make sure” it looks the same.

The conversation went on to discuss price, volume and international shipping from a courier, all of which appears to have been arranged and solidified during the course of the exchange.

Many on Twitter after watching the footage, which is quickly going viral, pointed out that this is “smoking gun” evidence of election fraud. In other words, the left can no longer scream ‘no evidence!’ or ‘where’s the proof?’.

Amazingly, this is clear evidence of foreign interference in an American election – you know, the very thing Democrats have been falsely accusing Trump of facilitating for the past four years.

Ironically enough, there was never a single shred of evidence to suggest that Trump in any way thwarted the 2016 election in his favor. However, there is now abundant evidence to prove that Joe Biden and his crew did exactly that in the 2020 election.

“At this point, there are so many smoking guns I can’t see what’s right in front of me,” wrote one Gateway Pundit commenter about how there is now so much glaring evidence of election fraud that only those in extreme denial who refuse to acknowledge reality would suggest otherwise.

“Trump set them up,” wrote another, claiming that what is about to unfold will be the largest sting operation in American history.

“He has SOLID evidence of them cheating on every level: post office, ballot harvesting, ballot dumping, ballot box stealing, GOP poll watchers denied entry, GOP vote counters denied access, ballot manipulation, invalid ballots counted, breaking of state election laws by Dems and Dem judges, ballot totals changed down not up on live TV, voting machines pre-calibrated to change votes from Trump to Biden … and these crimes have evidence and/or affidavits.”

To keep up with the latest developments about election fraud, be sure to bookmark Trump.news.

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