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MALIGNANT CHICKEN – It’s what’s for dinner

MALIGNANT CHICKEN – It’s what’s for dinner

(Natural News) If lab-grown meat is “cruelty-free” food, then what do you call the people who eat it that wind up with cancer? One can certainly decipher the insidious message behind the fake slogan, knowing that anything the World Economic Forum (WEF) promotes is bad for humanity, and for the safety and health of humans. The food of the future is organic, clean food, not lab-concocted, genetically mutated Franken-chicken. In fact, the latest WEF-promoted, Bill Gates funded “immortalized cell lines” for lab-made meat replicates forever, just like cancer cells.

Never before have these types of precancerous cell lines been used to produce food for humans. There have not been any clinical trials done to prove this Franken-chicken is safe for human consumption, though any people and organizations promoting it will claim just the opposite, of course. Where’s the data? Any consumer of meat or meat-replacement products should be asking lots of questions. Will vegans and vegetarians seeking food that looks and feels and maybe even tastes like meat actually be consuming tumor-creating junk science food stuff?

Malignant Chicken? The Big Three startup brands making the new Franken-chicken include Upside Foods, Eat Just, and Believer Meat

If you believe the globalists are looking out for the health of humans by funding the creation of lab-concocted meat while pushing for humans to eat cockroaches and crickets, then you might want to eat it with a side of canola-fried potatoes, and then wash it all down with some fluoridated water. Most corporate slogans declare just the opposite of what the products offer, just like when they said canola oil was “heart healthy,” even though it coagulates in the body, causing heart disease, cancer, rapid weight gain and dementia.

That would mean that Upside Foods have a dark and gruesome health downside when consumed. That would mean that Eat Just meat means you’re not just eating meat, but cell lines that cause health detriment. That would mean that Believer Meat is for naïve consumers who believe that corporate America and the globalists are not furthering their efforts at depopulating the planet using toxic foods and deadly vaccinations.

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Time to confront the WEF and their cohorts who push Frankenfood on the populace while eating organic food and normal animal meat at their Davos and TED conventions. These so-called “plant-based meats” aren’t natural at all, as they come out of laboratories where scientists concoct all kinds of experimental food stuff and venom-laced prescription medications.

“Plant-based” meats are just another toxic fad, as the corporations that create them are losing value faster than an obese kid can say “super-size” me

Plant-based meats are losing stock fast, as sales decline by double digits over the last year. So much for meat “alternatives” that are experimental and possibly quite dangerous for human health (think Impossible and Beyond Meat here). Shares in these companies are plunging faster than a McPlant Burger down the junk-food bathroom toilet.

The lab-grown meat segment of alternative foods has a bad name and righteously so. They make claims they can’t back up, and this after raising over $1 billion in funds to push Franken-meat on uninformed consumers. The Planetary Health Diet pushed out by WEF is about as reliable as the old food pyramid, that pushed gluten and dairy like they were healthy choices. Choosing to eat anything the WEF (and FDA) pushes as “cultured meat” or “cell-cultured meat” is “beyond” stupid.

Just because these meat cells aren’t human, doesn’t mean that eating them won’t cause cancer in humans. There’s no research to prove they are safe. It’s just one huge food experiment pushed by people who want to reduce the world’s population by billions, so who in their right mind would trust it all? In fact, the first immortalized human cell line was produced from CANCER CELLS taken from a woman 70 years ago. This cell line is used for medical purposes and the COVID-19 gene mutation injections. Now they are using them to make food. Beware!

Tune your food news frequency to and get updates on more toxic meat substitutes and meat shortages coming to stores near you.

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