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MEDICAL TYRANNY accelerates as COVID “passports” set to go live in March

MEDICAL TYRANNY accelerates as COVID “passports” set to go live in March

(Natural News) In a matter of weeks, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is set to unveil a new app called “Travel Pass” that will keep track of who is allowed to fly based on Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) testing and vaccination status, and who has to stay home for resisting.

The premier global trade organization for airlines, boasting 290 members, the IATA has been discussing the idea of “COVID passports” and “immunity passports” since the early days of the “pandemic.” Many called the idea a “conspiracy theory,” but here we are a year later with its impending rollout.

According to reports, the IATA Travel Pass will be rolled out at some point in March. Singapore Airlines and 20 other airlines are currently testing the app, while others like American Airlines are working on their own “immunity passports” for international travel.

“The key issue is one of confidence,” stated Vinoop Goel, the IATA’s regional director of airports and external relations. “Passengers need to be confident that the testing they’ve taken is accurate and will allow them to enter the country.”

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“And then governments need to have the confidence that the tests that the passengers claim to have is one which is accurate and meets their own conditions,” Goel added.

Goel went on to explain that the IATA is striving to have a “fully functional working system over the next few weeks,” meaning before April arrives.

More of the latest news about the draconian new world order being ushered in due using the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as an excuse can be found at

So airlines are planning to practice medicine without a license?

Much like the vaccines, these Chinese virus “immunity passports” were hardly drummed up in response to the plandemic. They were part of it all along, having likely been contrived years ago as part of the problem – reaction – solution paradigm of social engineering.

The IATA has likely been working with governments and other nefarious entities to use the plandemic as an excuse to enslave the world in such a manner. What would have been unthinkable before – requiring people to take a nose javelin (swab test) or needle jab (vaccine) in order to fly – is suddenly being normalized as a way to keep people “safe” from some nebulous “virus.”

Any airline that requires a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID) “negative” test or vaccine in order to fly is effectively practicing medicine without a license. The same is true of retailers like Costco and Trader Joe’s that are practicing medicine without a license by forcing their customers to cover their breathing holes with a mask.

“A corporation or government holding private health data could be a deterrence for some travels,” notes Zero Hedge about how the scheme will hopefully backfire.

“Monitoring people’s health erodes privacy, and electronic documentation leaves the data susceptible to hackers.”

Since Chinese virus injections are still relatively scarce and largely unavailable to younger people, the scheme is also discriminatory. Many younger people may not be able to travel internationally until late 2021 or even early 2022.

Billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is excited about the proposal as he has been pushing digital “health passports” for years now. Gates would like to see the same setup at grocery stores, sporting events, and other public places where people gather, requiring them to test “negative” or take a vaccine before being allowed to shop or recreate.

“Already in Europe, Spain, Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Belgium have indicated immunity passports will be used for cross-border activity,” Zero Hedge further reveals.

“It’s going to be a new world altogether,” admitted former United Kingdom Prime Minister and globalist Tony Blair during a recent media interview.

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