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Message from the White House: Be very scared of unvaccinated Americans, but embrace with loving arms all Covid-infected illegal immigrants

Message from the White House: Be very scared of unvaccinated Americans, but embrace with loving arms all Covid-infected illegal immigrants

(Natural News) According to most Democrats, there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant with Covid, otherwise, all of the worry and propaganda-style rules of “safety” would apply to them also, just as it does to any American returning to America from abroad. How can Democrats and vaccine pushers scream at natural health advocates for avoiding the toxic spike protein jabs, while celebrating every illegal immigrant that Resident Biden imports and releases into American cities, including over 12,000 Haitian illegals just recently, NONE of whom were tested in any way for Covid or vaccinated either.

Where are all the hypochondriacs to protest this massive breach of Covid safety that’s sure to kill every masked Democrat who’s ready to lay in a hospital bed gulping kidney-crippling Remdesivir pills while choking to death on a ventilator?

The DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas loves the idea of infected illegal aliens being emergency evacuated into American cities to spread Covid and keep the Big Pharma/Democrat force-vaccination-regime and ‘cheat machine’ rolling onward.

These illegals could have Ebola and the CDC wouldn’t care, because mainstream media has the Democrats all brainwashed to believe that illegal immigrants are all 100 percent immune to Covid 100 percent of the time, but that unvaccinated, healthy Americans are a huge threat to the vaxxed sheeple, inadvertently proving to themselves the vaccines are useless.

Biden Administration imports 12,000 illegal aliens from Haiti who could ALL be infected with Covid right now, for all we know

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No vaccine mandates for you, so come on in. Are you from a third world country where they don’t have plumbing or use hygiene in the hospices? Welcome to America, where we don’t test you for anything at all. Come live the dream, and spread Covid everywhere. The vaccinated will just blame the unvaccinated Americans, and the media will verify it as “fact.” Anything to the contrary is labeled “misinformation” by Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma and the Vaccine Industrial Complex.

Do you have a 103 degree fever right now? No problem. Welcome to America. Wait, are you an American – then show me your vaccine passport, proof-negative for Covid within 2 days, a valid passport, two other forms of ID, and then maybe we’ll let you in. Meanwhile, hard-working, honest Americans (healthy too) are being barred from restaurants, entertainment and even their jobs for denying the China Flu gene therapy shots.

Message from the White House: If 98% of Americans don’t get Covid-vaccinated, we all die, but Covid-infected illegal immigrants are totally harmless

Mainstream media is now reporting on tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, from Haiti, Afghanistan, Mexico and South America that are walking right into the United States, Covid-infected, untested, unvaccinated, with no questions asked. Meanwhile, the Biden Regime is teaching every vaccinated American to hate, vilify and ostracize any other American who refuses the Covid clot shots. It’s outright discrimination and they know it.

The White House is on record saying they don’t believe in a wall at the border because that ruins “one of our proudest traditions,” meaning having diseased criminals infect and rape Americans with no investigations into any of it. It’s not “prejudice” to worry about an illegal immigrant carrying disease or committing crimes when they’re not being vetted in any way for warrants, criminal backgrounds or deadly infections. Don’t let the fake “social justice warriors” mind-control you.

If you don’t take a firm stand against tyranny now, the rights of which you will be stripped will never return to you. Make no mistake, the Covid shots are not vaccines. They are not inoculations. They are not medicine. The clot shots are gene altering experiments that fill your blood and organs with toxic spike prions. Autopsies of Covid-jabbed victims prove it. Billions of nanoparticles and virus-mimicking, sticky particles clot and clog human blood, causing myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

Wake up America, before it’s too late. Are you, or is someone you know suffering from SPS – Spike Protein Syndrome? Tune your truth news dial to for the best ways to keep your body healthy, your home safe, and your constitution protected.

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