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Michigan Locals TEAR APART CNN’s Trump Narrative Right to Reporter’s Face!!

Michigan Locals TEAR APART CNN’s Trump Narrative Right to Reporter’s Face!!

This is a must see video.

CNN went to Michigan to talk to the locals and these two women did not provide the answer the correspondent probably expected to hear.

Here’s Josh from Next News Network:

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Maybe these women caught some of the latest Project Veritas’ expose and have turned over a new leaf.

Probably not because not many watch CNN anymore these days.

Here’s more from Western Journal:

Early warning signs could be flashing bright red for a Democratic Party hoping to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020.

As strong economic trends continue and candidates within the Democratic primary continue their race to the bottom of the barrel in terms of progressive policy, the electorate — particularly within historically left-leaning Rust Belt states — appears to be growing more and more confident in the prosperity of America under Trump.

In fact, some members of that electorate are growing so bold in their support that they are happy to tell just about anybody about it — even anti-Trump CNN.

Speaking on live television, one Michigan woman combatted the left-wing media’s anti-Trump impeachment narrative directly in conversation with CNN election correspondents.

“I think it’s a sham,” the woman told correspondent Jason Carroll on Tuesday, referencing impeachment proceedings against the president. “The president is doing a great job.”

“It’s horrible. It’s just horrible,” former Michigan autoworker Rita Dunning said in agreement. “Women in Michigan love President Trump, end of story.”

Read the rest at Western Journal…


People have finally awaken to Fake News CNN and their rewriting of history right before our eyes.

Considering CNN’s obvious anti-Trump bias, it is amazing the interview with the two Michigan women was not cut midstream.

They have done it before.

CNN is the standard for Fake News.

They will do anything to hold that crown.

If people would simply believe the exact opposite of what they saw on CNN, they would probably be better for it.

CNN is not real news and hasn’t been for years, if ever.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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