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Microsoft’s “ElectionGuard” a Trojan Horse for takeover of American elections

Microsoft’s “ElectionGuard” a Trojan Horse for takeover of American elections

(Natural News) In May 2019, Microsoft announced the release of a new software program called “ElectionGuard” that the company claimed would protect American elections against interference. The true purpose of ElectionGuard, however, was to steal reelection in 2020 from President Trump.

As it turns out, ElectionGuard has deep ties to defense and intelligence communities both in the United States and Israel. A forensic analysis conducted by election analyst Jonathan Simon, as well as investigative journalist Yasha Levine, uncovered clear and irrefutable evidence that military assets trained in the weaponization of public technologies were consulted during the software’s development process.

Similar to Microsoft’s “NewsGuard” plugin, which is falsely claimed to protect internet users from “fake news” while actively promoting it, ElectionGuard exists under the guise of protecting elections when its true purpose is to thwart and steal them for globalist hacks like Joe Biden.

“It’s encouraging that after close to two decades of ignoring security issues with computerized voting, there’s suddenly a scramble to protect our next election that suggests those issues are finally being taken seriously,” Simon told MintPress as part of a lengthy exposé on the advent of ElectionGuard.

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“Unfortunately, the proposed solution is just more computerization and complexity – which translates to more control by experts and insiders, though of course that is not part of the PR campaign.”

Is the American and Israeli deep state controlling our elections?

What we know for a fact is that ElectionGuard was developed in tandem with a private military and intelligence contractor that only has one investor: The Department of Defense (DOD). This is troubling for many reasons, not the least of which includes the fact that Microsoft itself is a military contractor.

We also know that Israel has been caught meddling in foreign elections on many occasions, and Microsoft just so happens to have “growing ties” to this alleged ally of ours in the Middle East.

These Israeli ties “raise even more concerns about whether ElectionGuard’s real purpose is to ‘secure’ American elections for candidates friendly to the establishment, especially the military-industrial complex.”

While its developers would seem to suggest in statements that ElectionGuard only deals with electronic ballots, the truth is that the system “is designed to work with systems that use paper ballots” through the use of a special optical scanner. This means that both electronic and paper ballots have the potential to become compromised.

ElectionGuard has also partnered with numerous other questionable voting system companies such as Democracy Live, Election Systems & Software, Hart InterCivic – this one is mentioned by name in the latest election fraud probes – BPro, MicroVote, and VotingWorks, among others.

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, more popularly known as DARPA, also awarded $10 million to a Portland-based cybersecurity firm known as Galois that is also partnered with ElectionGuard.

“As deeply troubling as DARPA’s $10 million indirect investment in ElectionGuard may seem, it is merely scratching the surface, as Galois itself is essentially an extension of DARPA in the private cybersecurity industry,” reports reveal.

As it turns out, Galois’ only “private” investor is the Pentagon, revealing once again that these corporate fronts are mere extensions of the military-industrial complex. That is what has been running our elections, and that is the source of the fraud that is trying to steal this latest election for Biden.

We would encourage you to read the entire analysis about ElectionGuard at this link.

Sidney Powell, one of the attorneys working hard to get to the bottom of the election fraud situation, needs your help. Find out how by visiting her “Defending the Republic” website.

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