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Miscarriage, stillbirth rates exploding worldwide as depopulation continues unabated

Miscarriage, stillbirth rates exploding worldwide as depopulation continues unabated

(Natural News) Right now, miscarriage and stillbirth rates are exploding worldwide. This is the natural consequence of a well-planned depopulation experiment, carried out by the people, organizations, and governments we have been programmed to trust our entire lives.

When Bill Gates spoke publicly in 2010 about the need to reduce the world’s population, he wasn’t kidding. The Gates fortune is heavily invested in injectable mRNA technology that is weakening immune systems, damaging cardiovascular function, causing viral mutations, and killing off the population. The Gates fortune is also heavily invested in digital technology that locks people down and takes away their freedom and privacy. The race for vaccine passports continues, despite global outcry. Just as important, the Gates fortune is also heavily invested in organizations like the World Health Organization that control the narrative and obfuscate the truth.

Birth rates are down globally

Right now, birth rates are falling around the world. Birth rates are down 12% in Germany, 9% in Britain, 11% in the Netherlands, and 27% in Taiwan. Scotland saw a 123% increase in newborn baby deaths in September alone. The hopelessness, despair and economic fallout of lockdowns and medical tyranny has created a generation of adults who either: can’t afford to procreate, they think they can’t afford to procreate, or they believe that it’s no longer a good thing to bring kids into the world.

These psychological issues are compounded by the physiological issues that have been brought on by the covid-19 vaccines. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is exploding with miscarriage and still birth reports at 4,070% over the average from years past. The covid-19 vaccine program should have been stopped when the first signs of its failure and destruction were reported in the clinical trials. However, Operations Warp Speed cared neither about science nor human life, because an ‘economy-saving’ mRNA vaccine technology was prepared and ready to deploy long before WHO scientists identified a causative agent, long before global health authorities got behind the pandemic messaging.

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Mass medical fraud and medical error are undeniable in their role of depopulation

Before 2020, medical error was the third leading cause of death in the United States, and medical malpractice insurance was imploding across the country. In recent years, lawyers and courts have been unable to handle the high volume of medical malpractice and wrongful death claims. By 2020, medical systems began to rely on mass medical fraud via covid-19 PCR testing to conceal the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections, antibiotic resistant super bugs, and the failures of flu vaccines, which have only caused immune suppression, viral interference, viral shedding, and mutation.

For years in the lead-up to 2020, hospitals in inner cities were overrun with sick and dying patients who weren’t properly treated for infection. These overrun hospitals were used by the media in 2020 to usher in terror campaigns, hysteria, medial tyranny, money laundering, lockdowns, and government abuses. By calling everything covid-19 in 2020, and granting hospitals blanket immunity, medical systems were able to conceal their own breakdown and prevent a tidal wave of medical malpractice and wrongful death suits. Hospital systems were financially incentivized to falsely diagnose underlying health conditions as covid-19, while deadly protocols, withheld treatments, and human rights abuses were used to facilitate the mass death in elderly populations. If we were to eliminate the source of the medical fraud and account for the wave of medical error in 2020 and beyond, then medical malpractice would likely be the number one leading cause of death today. Instead we are left with blanket terms like “covid-19” and “died suddenly and unexpectedly.”

As the covid-19 label is slowly pulled away from every hospital death, medical authorities have no choice now but to label the deaths as “sudden and unexpected.” Young “fully vaccinated” people are now dying of strokes, blood clots, and sudden cardiac arrest at an alarming rate. This medical holocaust coverup has even evoked a new medical term called “sudden adult death syndrome,” or SADS for short. The sudden and unexpected passing of fully vaccinated young people shows that depopulation experiments are going as planned, and medical fraud is openly accepted as a new normal.

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