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Nazi SS-Covid Police faced with justified backlash and standoff against women in Boston restaurant who had no vaccine passport and still ordered food for dining in

Nazi SS-Covid Police faced with justified backlash and standoff against women in Boston restaurant who had no vaccine passport and still ordered food for dining in

(Natural News) No human in Boston is allowed to buy or eat food at any indoor venue if they cannot show proof they have been injected with billions of toxic prions. Six females walked into a pizzeria in Boston and… the store manager called the Nazi SS-Covid Police to attempt to force them out, but it didn’t work out so well for the Omicron regime this day. How dare anyone without a Fauci flu shot try to survive by purchasing food and water in America, right? Since “vaccinated” people are MORE likely to catch Covid and die from it, or from the vaccines themselves, there’s no logic in the argument, plus people have rights and the right to protect those rights.

Five healthy (un-vaxxed) women stood their ground against Boston’s Covid Cops while live-streaming the whole standoff on Facebook

Boston’s newly implemented “proof of vaccination” to enter all indoor venues isn’t going so well for the SS (scamdemic sellout) guards trying to enforce it. Five happy, unvaccinated women walked into the pizzeria, bought food and bottled water, and sat down to eat. In an encounter that lasted almost an hour while being broadcast live on Facebook, the officers were accused of choosing money over human rights.

One of the women was a former Boston police Sergeant who was laid off (just recently) for criticizing the city’s vaccine passport mandate. She demanded the name and badge numbers of the SS-Covid clot-shot enforcers, while promising a lawsuit against them if they continued to try to force them out of the establishment.

“We don’t show papers” the former police sergeant retorted

In Nazi Germany, the Jews had to show their “papers” to any German authority who asked for them, anytime, anywhere. Then they were all eventually led to the concentration camps, where they were supposed to be “reeducated” about the detriment their people were to the society and economy, but they were all either shot twice in the back of the head or slow-walked into the pesticide gas chambers to die. But, this is America, and some people aren’t afraid of the SS police here.

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The women remained seated, with a young girl they brought. The former officer told the police that they are not the ones who are allowed to enforce the city mandate, and she told THEM to leave. “You are violating OUR rights,” she said.

Then one of the other 5 women really brings the point home for the SS cops: “Imagine on Martin Luther King Day, brother, discriminating against other black people … You turn your back on your own people. You’re a Nazi.”

The Covid SS police are stunned. They’re not sure if what they’re doing is legal, moral, ethical or even in their own best interest. The woman continued to educate the Covid Cops about Rosa Parks, as they parked themselves “right on the bus” (the restaurant table seat). She tells the cops, “If you are not going to stand by your oath, you shouldn’t be on this job.” She threatens the cops with a lawsuit and continues to justify her ability to buy food and sit inside and eat it, ” I am enjoying this product that I purchased here, and you’re going to leave me in peace or I’m going to sue you each individually.”

The Boston vaccine proof mandate also applies to gyms, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. The “Demoncrat” mayor who wants 100 percent compliance plans to make sure all boosters are included in the mandate by February 15th.

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