Saturday, May 25th, 2024

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Never, EVER Give Up on America

Never, EVER Give Up on America

The picture above is of my three youngest girls.

Pictured are Skyla (now 9), Autumn and Bailey (twins now 8).

I also have two older girls (Jordan 18 and Hayden 15) and one son (Ryker 4).

After the hell of going blind, AND the miracle of gaining my eyesight back, I’m ready to fight for….

  • God
  • Family
  • and Country (in that exact order).
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If America continues down this path we will no longer be the beacon of light that the world admires and the nations around us will continue to crumble.

We sit in our easy chairs and watch it all while quietly hoping someone does something.

I’m somewhat disabled but ready to fight with all I have left.

I will do something.

I promise.


My children, your children and your grandchildren do not deserve this.

Our government burns money that belongs to the next generation and it’s not just democrats who let it happen.

Sorry folks but the new republicans are like the old democrats and I could count on one hand how many I actually trust and admire.

It’s time to flip the script and take America back.

Please help me relieve the pressure of being broke and trying to save my own kids and I will stand tall and unafraid for you against our corrupt government.

Our websites will be business as usual in a few days.

I’m simply reaching out and asking for help as I continue my recovery.

I can’t wait any longer.

Being blind for two years while I watched America crumble shattered my heart and ravaged my soul.

Now all hell must break loose from the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska (I live in DuBois: population 139).

And others must unleash their own hell as well.

This government is not our ally, it is our captor.

We all stand tall now, or hide in our foxholes, but the fight is on.

There is no other way.

God. Family. Country.

Our God and families deserve a better America.

We can bury ourselves in worthless pursuits and addictions or we can fight for freedom.

Please help ease my own anxiety with my family.

They deserve stability and freedom.

We ALL do.

They will rue the day they tried to enslave us.

We must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice now or we can no longer call ourselves Americans.

God Bless us all!

The time for action is now.

There is no other option.


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