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New video angles show antifa thugs who attacked journalist Andy Ngo in Portland involved in premeditated assault: Where is the Justice Dept.?

New video angles show antifa thugs who attacked journalist Andy Ngo in Portland involved in premeditated assault: Where is the Justice Dept.?

(Natural News) Left-wing Democrats who are always looking to ban weapons now have another one to consider — that is, if they hold true to their ‘values’ and standards.

They can add ‘assault gloves’ to their list — like the kind used by antifa thugs to beat indy journalist Andy Ngo of Quillette nearly senseless and cause a bleed in his brain over the weekend in America’s communist capital of Portland, Ore.

As Natural News reported, Ngo was covering another antifa demonstration on Saturday when, according to publicly available video from the event, he was attacked without provocation (we haven’t heard any reports or seen any video to the contrary indicating that Ngo provoked his attack).

In addition to being punched and kicked, it appears Ngo was doused with a “milkshake” that contained quick-drying cement:

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At first, it was believed that Ngo was struck with a milkshake — the new rage of violent Left-wing lunatics in England when they attack conservative “Britain first” lawmakers and public figures. But later reports noted the substance seen thrown on Ngo in various videos of the attack was actually quick-drying cement.

Portland Police, who couldn’t stop the attack on Ngo, did manage to alert the public to this fact, however.

But now, thanks to some intrepid investigating by conservative author and pundit Michelle Malkin, it appears as though the attack on Ngo was premeditated.

“EXCLUSIVE: NEW VIDEO ANGLE of @MrAndyNgo assault shows ANTIFA THUG 12 (robber) & front views of ANTIFA THUG 1 WEARING WHAT APPEAR TO BE ASSAULT GLOVES as he punches Andy in both eyes. Holy crap,” she tweeted Sunday.

It’s time to hold Portland authorities accountable

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, the gloves worn by one of Ngo’s attackers may have been manufactured by Oakley:

Oakley SI Assault Gloves advertise their product as tougher-than-nails gloves that are designed with key features that professional enforcers need in the field. A sleek and covert profile allows for better control of weapons and tools. Rugged micro-vented leather palm and fingers reduce heat build-up and encourage more natural hand movement with a snug next-to-skin feel. … Raised carbon fiber knuckle plating provides enhanced protection.

In addition to being pummeled in a possibly premeditated attack, Ngo had his camera stolen — so he was beaten and robbed.

And no police officers were around to assist him, despite the fact that there were at least hundreds of antifa demonstrators — a group known to be violent, especially in Portland because the mayor there, Ted Wheeler, permits it.

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell has not only called on the Justice Department to investigate to the attack, he has called out Wheeler personally for continuing to do nothing despite obvious crimes being committed in his city against American citizens (and in this case a journalist).

He also noted that the attack was “premeditated” by “intolerant radicals” who “don’t like that Andy happens to be gay, Asian and conservative.” (Related: U.S. ambassador Grenell calls on Justice Department to probe violent Antifa attack on indy journalist in Portland: This is domestic terrorism.)

In August 2018, Wheeler ordered his police department to stand down as federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees in Portland were being harassed and threatened by some of the same Left-wing radicals — people who were even blocking them from entering their own workplace.

Over politics.

“The policy being enacted by the federal government around the separation of very small children from their parents is an abomination,” Wheeler tweeted. “I want to be very clear I do not want the @PortlandPolice to be engaged or sucked into a conflict, particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track…”

Andy Ngo was attacked in a premeditated incident. The attackers purposely sought to harm him. Wheeler is an accessory to the incident.

The Trump administration needs to take back Portland from radical domestic terrorists and ‘leaders’ who are missing in action.

Read more about Antifa’s out-of-control violence at and

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