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New York legislator wants to put coronavirus “carriers” in concentration camps

New York legislator wants to put coronavirus “carriers” in concentration camps

(Natural News) Assemblyman Noah Nicholas Perry of New York has introduced a bill that would allow for the “removal and/or detention” of any person deemed as a “case, contact or carrier” of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), in order to place that person into a detention, aka concentration, camp.

Known as Bill A416, the proposed legislation would give sweeping powers to state governments to rip people from their homes and place them into medical or other “appropriate” facilities in the event that a “health emergency” is declared.

As long as the government can provide “clear and convincing” evidence that a person is sick, or was merely exposed to someone who is, that person could legally be “removed” from their home and taken into government custody.

“People being ‘removed’ will have the right to legal representation and are allowed to supply the telephone numbers of friends or family to receive notification of the individual’s detention,” reveals Niamh Harris from Newspunch.

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If enacted, the law would allow the governor or “health official” of a state to unilaterally approve such detentions. However, a court order would be required within 60 days of confinement, along with a judicial review if a person is still in a concentration camp after 90 days.

Once “health authorities” determine that a person is “safe” and no longer “contagious,” he or she will then be released back into society – but not before this time, the proposal makes clear.

Those still deemed to be a health risk while being detained will be required to submit to a “prescribed course of treatment, preventative medication or vaccination,” the bill further states, meaning freedom of health choice would not be an option.

Bill A416 does not specifically mention coronavirus, but that’s obviously what it’s about

To be clear, the bill does not mention coronavirus or COVID-19 by name. However, it is obvious from the current state of affairs that this is what it is referring to, with ominous implications for those who refuse to get jabbed.

Perry did introduce a nearly identical bill during the 2015-16 legislative session, though, so it would also apply to any other “communicable” diseases that the government deems “high-risk.”

The proposed bill is slated to be reviewed by the assembly’s health committee at some point in January, and while it still has a long way to go before ever potentially being adopted, many are warning about it now to prevent that from ever possibly happening.

“I knew Cuomo was a bit of an authoritarian anti-Semite but I never thought the state would go literal Nazi,” wrote conservative commenter Ian Miles Cheong on his Twitter account.

Cheong’s comment is in reference to the draconian crackdowns imposed by Cuomo earlier this year against New York’s Jewish community, which had largely refused to abide by the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

“This was a conspiracy theory, like many other things, 9-10 months ago,” wrote another Twitter commenter about how the idea of concentration camps for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was being talked about long before Perry introduced his proposal.

If you would like to read the proposed bill for yourself, as well as leave a comment or rating on it, you can do so at this link.

“Anyone who resists arrest, even if police are armed, is innocent and will be freed with all rights restored,” wrote one Newspunch commenter about the reality of what would happen were a bill like this to ever pass.

“Orders to enter the home of a citizen are illegal based on the lies of covid. Resistance is legal. Required, and encouraged.”

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