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New York’s anti-gun attorney general plans to use NRA’s assets as a slush fund for “Black Lives Matter”

New York’s anti-gun attorney general plans to use NRA’s assets as a slush fund for “Black Lives Matter”

(Natural News) There’s no doubt that the Marxist attorney general in New York, Letitia Jones, hates the Second Amendment — because all Marxist-Leninists do: Armed people stand in the way of Communist revolution.

We’ve seen it time and again throughout the 20th and 21st centuries: Revolutionaries encourage their followers to help them achieve their political objectives by the gun, then turn around and deprive many of those same supporters of their right to keep their firearms for self-protection against the same government they helped put in power.

Jones demonstrated her anti-gun animus earlier this month when she announced that her office has filed suit to dissolve the National Rifle Association’s charter (which has remained in New York for some reason), vowing to break up the 150-year-old organization and then bar its top officials — including Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre — from ever serving on a New York-based non-profit again.

As Revolver News reports:

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That the NRA may have internal corruption is no surprise. Family kickbacks, nepotism, and embezzlement are routine among the establishment right. But even then, the solution is to prosecute the individuals responsible. Breaking up entire non-profits is supposed to be reserved for organizations that are outright scams, and not even making a serious attempt at fulfilling their stated mission.

“The NRA, despite its embarrassing failure to support the McCloskeys in St. Louis, has remained a powerful organization precisely because it has consistently fought for gun rights,” the site continues.

That much is true. Corruption in most organizations seems to be rampant, even those on the right.

However, there could be an even more insidious reason why Jones suddenly filed this lawsuit (after scores of previous, very liberal, New York AGs could have done so but didn’t).

If the suit is successful, it means that New York State will have given itself the power to confiscate all of the NRA’s sizable assets. And once they are seized, those assets could be given away to political allies so they can pursue their role in transforming America into a nightmarish Communist/Marxist s-hole.

There’s a catch though: The donor has to adjudge that the recipient group reflects the NRA’s mission.

Among other things, the NRA’s charter states that the organization’s objectives include “to promote public safety, hunter safety, hunting safely with firearms, law and order, and the national defense; to increase the knowledge of small arms and promote efficiency in the use of such arms on the part of members of law enforcement agencies, of the armed forces, and of citizens who would be subject to service in the event of war.”

That language could be construed by a politically motivated AG to mean that NRA assets can be channeled to groups that conservative supporters would find highly objectionable.

Notes Revolver News:

He or she could easily declare that “efficiency in the use of such arms [by] law enforcement agencies” means that the NRA’s dollars should go to a Black Lives Matter organization promoting “police reform.” Or, they may announce the protecting “public safety” and “law and order” means that, actually, the NRA’s money should go to gun control organizations pushing “effective” gun control measures to stop mass shootings.

In fact, this theory may be closer to the truth than you realize.

Earlier this week, Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted that intelligence indicates BLM cells are arming up for war on American neighborhoods, and they’re being funding by corporate ‘donations.’ These come in addition to all-black armed militias that have recently threatened city governments in Louisville, Ky., and Georgia.

It also comes as Attorney General William Barr warns that Antifa and its allies are currently engaged in a new form of “urban guerrilla warfare” that will likely explode in the coming weeks and months around the time of the November election.

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