Thursday, November 30th, 2023

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No New Material Today Folks, I Had a STROKE

No New Material Today Folks, I Had a STROKE

About 2 hours ago I had what I call a “mini stroke.” It has come to my attention that it may be more like an anxiety or panic attack. All I know is that I was eating a quick snack about 11:45 PM and getting ready for work and my legs started getting shaky and BAM I hit the floor. Living in the middle of nowhere my options are limited medically, so I will likely try to struggle through the weekend and take it up with my Doc next week. This is my life folks.

I’m not looking for sympathy or anything else because I have a job to do, which is hardly done.

I just wanted to tell you why there won’t be any new material on our websites for a day or two. Understand? I have worked every day since early January and I need a day off. Why do I work so hard? Many reasons but God, Family and Country sums it up.

If you can help me please do. I haven’t seen my own children in a year and I cry daily. I am on disability now but my attorneys are starting to eat into that and still no results! I can not live without my children, nor should anyone.

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This latest episode won’t stop me folks. I will be back in the saddle as soon as I can. America needs me. My kids need me. You and your kids need me.

If we had anything close to honest media and government I wouldn’t say all of that. What just happened tonight is more motivational than a hindrance to be honest. I mean who can have a stroke without thinking of Billy?

Yes I’m insane folks but whatever doesn’t kill me only motivates me more. I decided long ago to turn off the TV, retire my pipe and quit drinking. I’m not perfect but I’m still fighting. Are you?

I’m a far cry from “The Devil of Ramadi” but “The Devil of DuBois” ain’t done yet folks. You can tell our “president” I’m coming and hell’s coming with me. Yep, I steal the best stuff. At least I admit it. 😉 That’s from Tombstone of course.

I’ve gotta get some ZZZZZ now but here are some of my latest articles if you’re bored and enjoy the writings of a psychopath.

Hopefully we will be full speed again in a couple of days.

God Bless You ALL. I love you ALL, NEVER Give Up on Me and I Won’t Give Up On YOU, Dean

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