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Ottawa police chief threatens to ARREST citizens who give food and water to convoy truckers… the POLICE have become the terrorists

Ottawa police chief threatens to ARREST citizens who give food and water to convoy truckers… the POLICE have become the terrorists

(Natural News) The police chief of the Ottawa Police Service in Canada has threatened to arrest and prosecute any member of his department who provides food, water or other “logistics” support to the Freedom Convoy truckers protesting the country’s insane COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“There is no facilitation of food, water, fuel, logistics, or funding by any member of this police service or any other police service that I am aware of,” Chief Peter Sloly announced last week.

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“Let me repeat: There is no supply of food, water, fuel, logistics, or anything else that relates to enabling this demonstration by any member of the Ottawa Police Service or any other police service that I am aware of,” Sloly continued. “Should that information come to me, you can be clear as chief of police in this service I will conduct a full investigation, I will use the full extent of the Police Service Act, and if relevant the criminal code to pursue charges against such a member who would do that.”

In short, the police have become completely authoritarian — even domestic terrorists, you could say — in the face of a legitimate, peaceful protest against a government policy that is not based on science and makes no sense whatsoever especially in the face of a worsening supply chain crisis.

In addition, Sloly’s department also warned that any civilians who are offering supplies to truckers will also be summarily arrested.

“Enhanced intelligence operations and investigations: National, provincial and local intelligence agencies have increased efforts to identify and target protestors who are funding/supporting/enabling unlawful and harmful activity by protestors,” the department noted in a tweet.

“Investigative evidence-gathering teams are collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions,” the department added.

Other ‘law enforcement’ measures include, per Citizen Free Press:

“Expand and harden perimeter of the demonstration red zone: The Ottawa Police Service and City of Ottawa will be utilizing concrete and heavy equipment barricades to create no-access roadways throughout the downtown core. The City of Ottawa will be releasing a map of impacted roads later today. Protestor vehicles will be directed to designated parking zones outside of the downtown core. Illegal parking by demonstrators will result in by-law enforcement, removal and impound. If necessary, interprovincial bridges, and highway off ramps will be closed.”

“Enforcement directives: The surge of police officers will result in enforcement to restore public safety. This includes increased investigation enforcement and charges for all criminal acts related hate, harassment, assaults (including spitting), intimidation, and mischief.”

And to add to the tyranny, the Ottawa Police Service, as well as other Canadian agencies, are also now reportedly working with Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Homeland Security and FBI to ensure that Canadian citizens are properly targeted for exercising their supposed right to protest asinine government policies.

On Saturday, Sloly called for “an additional surge of resources” as thousands of trucks and drivers continued to besiege the capital city, according to CTV News.

And ironically, Diane Deans, Ottawa Police Services Board chair and councilor, claimed that by exercising their right to protest, the drivers were actually harming democracy.

“This group is a threat to our democracy. What we’re seeing is bigger than just a city of Ottawa problem, this is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness; we need a concrete plan to put an end to this now,” she claimed.

If this doesn’t prove, again, that the left is the biggest threat to freedom and liberty, nothing will.

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