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Overstock founder says he has proof election was rigged for Biden

Overstock founder says he has proof election was rigged for Biden

(Natural News) The election fraud bombshells just keep on dropping. And one of the latest comes from Patrick Byrne, the retired CEO and founder of, who says he holds definitive proof that the election was stolen for Joe Biden.

Speaking to Christopher McDonald of The McFiles in a recent interview, the former head of a $200 billion e-commerce company that has never once gotten hacked revealed that Dominion Voting Systems were used to perform a “Drop and Roll” technique of voter fraud that slyly padded the vote for Biden in at least five key swing areas of the country.

Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix) were all rigged prior to election day to strip President Trump of his rightful win in each of these states. Byrne also mentioned Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) as another election fraud locale, though this one was more secondary.

According to Byrne, who is not a supporter of President Trump but rather a “small l” libertarian, these five (or six if you include Clark County) areas are where a bulk of the election fraud took place. It did not have to be widespread because these were the key swing areas that Biden needed to “win” in order to steal the election.

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“By cheating those five counties, you flip five key states, you flip the electoral college,” Byrne says. “In places where Trump lost by 10,000, there may be 300,000 fake, illegal votes for Biden. So this isn’t even close.”

He further contends that the election systems that govern elections in America “are a joke,” especially those run by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic software.

“The election systems that govern elections in America are a joke. On a scale of 1 to 10 to hack, they’re maybe a 2. They’re a 2 at best, maybe a 1.”

Corrupt congressmen, both left and right, being bribed to support election fraud

How the election thieves were able to get away with this fraud has everything to do with who is in charge of the cities and states where it runs rampant.

“We have clear evidence that they are targeting certain congressmen,” Byrne says, noting that both Democrats and Republicans are in on the fix.

“I believe they are going to find two Republicans. I think it’s going to turn out that one of these Republicans at a state level may have gotten ‘election insurance.’ The promise they would keep getting elected. The sum involved to purchase Dominion machines was $100 million.”

Byrne says that similar “irregularities” were uncovered in Dallas back in 2018, revealing that Dominion systems were used there to hack an election and deliver it to Democrats. The same would have been used in 2016 for Hillary Clinton, but that operation was apparently abandoned.

“I know exactly who shut it down in 2016, and they didn’t shut it down this time,” Byrne claims.

Attorney Sidney Powell has been working on her own cases that reflect much of what Byrne is now saying, which is why he is encouraging American patriots to donate to her cause if they can afford to do so.

Byrne himself says he has already put “a lot” of money towards Powell’s cause, which is really a cause for all of us, and is hoping many others will do the same to help restore and preserve election integrity in the United States.

“Call your state legislature,” Byrne also says about the need to voice opposition to state certification of fraudulent vote counts.

“Send them this video. Anyone who signs these ‘cert’ forms should go to jail. They have personal liability.”

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