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Pipeline panic is preview of CYBER TAKEDOWN of U.S. infrastructure

Pipeline panic is preview of CYBER TAKEDOWN of U.S. infrastructure

Natural News) It now seems obvious that the Colonial Pipeline “cyber attack” was a deep state operation to further disrupt America’s economy and accelerate the engineered collapse. America is under full-blown attack from multiple vectors: Economic, biological weapons (vaccines), political (rigged elections), terraforming / geoengineering, food scarcity, and so on.

The goal is clear: The systematic dismantling of the United States of America, plunging it into chaos and collapse, all while invoking race wars, mass starvation, political unrest and widespread disease.

The pipeline takedown has thrust over 10,000 gas stations into gasoline outages, and this emergency is already interfering with trucking and truck deliveries of food, lumber and industrial materials.

It’s also showing the shocking vulnerability of America’s computer-controlled infrastructure, because if a critical pipeline can be taken down so quickly due to remote sabotage, what other components of the U.S. infrastructure are already compromised and ready to be taken offline at a moment’s notice?

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The answer is terrifying: It turns out that most of America’s power grid, banking institutions, energy sector operators and telecom providers are exposed to the internet and subject to being compromised. It also seems that anti-American globalists are already hinting at a coming grid down scenario that many believe will strike the United States this summer, turning into rolling blackouts that will impact many regions, further accelerating the economic destruction of America.

Today’s Situation Update podcast is an urgent call to remove yourself from the grid as much as possible. Become self-reliant. Get redundant. Learn to survive without electricity. Because the power grid is targeted for the next takedown:

Here’s a 14-minute special report podcast offering a more in-depth analysis of the Colonial Pipeline takedown and what it means for the war on America:

Find a new podcast each weekday (plus lots of amazing interviews with America’s heroes) at:

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