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RFK Jr. agrees with Alex Jones: Chemical-tainted water supply turning children gay, transgender

RFK Jr. agrees with Alex Jones: Chemical-tainted water supply turning children gay, transgender

(Natural News) Several years back, Alex Jones famously warned that chemicals hiding in the American water supply are “turning the frogs gay.” Well, it turns out that 2024 presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. agrees wholeheartedly – except Kennedy believes these chemicals are also turning children into homosexuals and transgenders.

In an insightful interview with Jordan Peterson the other day, Kennedy discussed the many challenges that today’s youth are facing. In addition to crippling anxiety and severe mental health issues, in many cases, young people today are increasingly resorting to extreme behaviors such as body mutilation, which is being pushed on them by LGBT cultists as a way to “be themselves.”

There are many reasons why the younger generations are falling for these LGBT deceptions, one of them being the toxic poisons hiding in U.S. water – one of the most prominent being artificial fluoride. These chemicals alter a child’s brain function, making him or her more prone to the powers of deception.

A longtime advocate against toxic chemicals in vaccines, Kennedy is also concerned about herbicides like atrazine that are increasingly making their way into water supplies. Watch the interview below to learn more:

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Scientific American agrees: atrazine-contaminated water is turning animals, humans gay

Scientific American reported that upwards of 36 million kilograms, or nearly 80 million pounds, of atrazine in white powder form get dumped on farms every year to control grassy weeds.

“Some 225,000 kilograms of the herbicide fall with the rain each year, sometimes up to 1,000 kilometers from the source,” the media outlet reported. “All that atrazine may be having another effect: turning male frogs female.”

A study out of California that was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences explains how 40 male African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) that were exposed to 2.5 parts per billion (ppb) – a level well below Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thresholds, by the way – of atrazine in water for three years ended up losing their masculinity and maleness.

Thirty of the 40 frogs became chemically castrated, meaning they lost their ability to reproduce, while four of them actually turned female, which is almost like becoming transgender except without the “rainbow” flag and TikTok to egg them on in doing such a thing to their own bodies.

Those four male-turned-female frogs ended up mating with other actual males to produce viable eggs, despite being genetically male.

“Whereas another four of the treated frogs apparently resisted atrazine’s effects, the rest ‘lacked male reproductive behavior, had reduced male features, and severely reduced sperm and low fertility,’” Scientific American reported, citing biologist Tyrone Hayes who worked on the study.

“The key may be aromatase, a protein that spurs the production of the female hormone estrogen, causing originally male gonads to become ovaries and whose production is spurred by atrazine. Plus, the researchers used frogs bearing only the ZZ sex chromosomes of male African clawed frogs.”

Hayes stated as part of an earlier study that if researchers ended up with hermaphrodites in such a scenario, there was no way to know if they were males with ovaries or females with testes.

“By using all ZZ males, we were assured that any hermaphrodites or females were indeed sex-reversed males,” he further revealed.

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