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Right after San Fran designates all NRA members “terrorists,” California passes resolution blaming “religious groups” for all LGBT suicides

Right after San Fran designates all NRA members “terrorists,” California passes resolution blaming “religious groups” for all LGBT suicides

(Natural News) Leftist politicians in California are aggressively trying to stamp out Christianity, including with a new non-binding resolution that declares “religious groups” – meaning Christian religious groups, primarily – as the number one cause of suicide among LGBTQs.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 declares that homosexuality and transgenderism are simply “part of the natural variations that occur in sexual orientation and gender identity.” Consequently, counselors, pastors, or others who try to help people overcome unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction are guilty of fighting against nature, and thus deserve to be condemned.

While ACR 99 has no legal bearing, per se, as it’s not an enforceable law, it does set a new antichrist precedent for the Golden State that aims to intimidate religious leaders into not living out their faith, or helping others live out theirs.

“The stigma associated with being LGBTQ often created by groups in society, including therapists and religious groups, has caused disproportionately high rates of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, rejection, and isolation among LGBTQ and questioning individuals,” ACR 99 declares.

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It further calls on “the people of California – especially its counselors, pastors, religious workers, educators, and legislators,” to do their part to help eradicate what the resolution describes as an anti-LGBTQ “stigma” in many religious communities.

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California’s Assembly and Senate are dominated by politicians who hate Christianity

The official count reveals that ACR 99 was passed in the state Senate 29-7, and in the state Assembly 61-11. This means that among the 36 state senators who were present for the vote, more than three-quarters of them oppose religious freedom, while more than 80 percent of the state Assembly opposes it.

What this suggests is that California is overwhelmingly hostile to Christianity, and wants to see it eliminated from the public square. While they can’t come right out and ban it – at least not yet – California’s legislature is announcing to Californians and the world that holding a Christian worldview is no longer acceptable there.

“We are treading into freedom of speech territory that I think should concern all of us,” warns Sen. Andreas Borgeas, one of a handful of Republicans that voted against ACR 99.

“When an individual seeks therapy or guidance before a religious leader, whether it be a mosque, a temple, or a church, that’s a private setting … To disallow or create the pathway where we tell individuals they cannot say certain things should give us pause.”

It’s interesting that ACR 99 was passed not long after San Francisco, arguably California’s most far-left city, made a proclamation stating that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a terrorist organization, and its members the terrorists.

Where this is all headed is straight into totalitarianism, even as it comes packaged in language about “tolerance” and “love.” In truth, there’s nothing loving about waging war on religious freedom by trying to muzzle the speech of religious people.

“We believe in free speech,” stated Greg Burt, Director of Capital Engagement at the California Family Council, to The Epoch Times. “They have every right to criticize our position, but the state government does not have the right to use its power to coerce us to change – and that’s where we believe this resolution is heading.”

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