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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals globalist plan to undermine freedom through vaccine passports

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals globalist plan to undermine freedom through vaccine passports

(Natural News) Ben Armstrong of the New American shared a revelation by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. regarding the globalist objective of eliminating freedom.

Armstrong shared footage of a November 2020 conversation between Kennedy and Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary for housing during the first Bush administration. Kennedy, founder of health freedom group Children’s Health Defense (CHD), said the elites are making use of vaccine passports to chip away freedom bit by bit.

“You have a lot of freedom in your lives, [but] once you have the vaccine passports, those freedoms are now privileges. And they’re privileges that are contingent upon your obedience to an ultimately limitless inventory of diktats [from] many unelected authorities just like Tony Fauci,” Kennedy told Fitts.

“There is no public health justification for these vaccine passports. We know that vaccines do not prevent transmission, therefore they cannot end the pandemic therefore. And so there’s really not a public health rationale to them.” (Related: The Orwellian vaccine passport agenda relies on the lie of the “social contract”.)

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Kennedy also mentioned the possibility of these vaccine passports being extended to encompass digital currency, which can be manipulated to punish those violating health protocols.

“Let’s say you violate the social distancing rule – they know that because they know your location 24 hours a day – the could say: ‘Until you comply, you are under house arrest and you can only leave your house to buy at local grocery stores. You can’t travel, you can’t get gasoline,’” said Kennedy, who called the vaccine passports as a “control device.”

“All of these rights have now become privileges [that] are contingent upon your obedience with their diktat. [That includes] your social credit scores and all the other thinks they can look at.” He admitted that the government and the industry have more power than people should give them.

Democrats, globalist elites treat people like slaves

Armstrong agreed with Kennedy. “Vaccine passports change your freedom to privilege – and let me repeat that because it’s 100 percent true. This is how evil vaccine passports are. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re Democrat or Republican, if you live in America, you love the Constitution and you love freedom. The vaccine passport destroys all freedom,” Armstrong said. (Related: Ben Armstrong tells Mike Adams: Biden’s vaccine mandates precede the collapse of America – Brighteon.TV.)

“Your freedom is no longer a right, [but] something you earn by obeying tyrants. Want to go to school? You can’t – unless you obey the tyrants. You can’t go to work or a sporting event unless you obey the tyrants. You see how evil these people are?”

Armstrong also pointed out how the Democrats and the globalists they represent hate the CHD founder for going against the narrative.

“You see the globalists? They think of it this way: ‘If you simply just obey, we won’t destroy you.’ And they justify it by blaming you. If they could destroy me, which they would love to, they would justify it by saying ‘It’s his fault he didn’t obey,’” Armstrong said.

“The left used to love Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – but as soon as he didn’t obey, he’s already a victim. As soon as he thinks freely, doesn’t spew talking points he’s told he has to say [and is] politically incorrect – immediately, he’s an enemy.”

The New American writer continued: “The Democratic Party, in and of itself, is for globalism and moving America away from what it was founded on. They admit this: They’ve always said they wanted to move to socialism, to be like Europe and become part of a global European government of some sort. They want to end America, that’s why they’re for open borders. They don’t want it to be a sovereign nation.

“The Democratic Party has treated you that way your whole life. If you don’t obey politically correct talk, they will beat you – not physically, but verbally. They will beat you down. They will try to destroy you in your workplace, they will try to destroy your job, they will try to oust you. If you’re not politically correct, they will try to destroy your career.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is showing [that] you’re only liked by other Democrats because you obey and you are a slave. If you comply with what they are telling you to do instead of saying ‘take your vaccine passport and shove it,’ you will be a slave forevermore.”

Watch the video below of Armstrong talking about Kennedy revealing the globalist plan to destroy freedom.

This video is from The New American channel on has more about how vaccine passports serve to eliminate freedom.

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