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Russia says Pentagon spent $224 million on bioweapons programs in Ukraine

Russia says Pentagon spent $224 million on bioweapons programs in Ukraine

(Natural News) A criminal probe into the Pentagon’s nefarious activities in Ukraine has revealed that American taxpayers were bilked out of at least a quarter billion dollars to fund the deep state’s bioweapons programs in Eastern Europe.

Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, says the United States government is directly involved in “military biological activities” in Ukraine, including “representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense and American companies with ties to it.”

The U.S. secretly spent more than $224 million, we now know, on biological weapons research programs in Ukraine, which began at least as far back as 2005. These funds were used to equip and upgrade around 30 biolabs controlled by Ukraine’s defense, health, and agricultural ministries.

“The results of said research had been evacuated to Kiev-controlled territory before the start of [Russia’s] special military operation,” Bastrykin is quoted as saying, adding that his agency will continue to probe documents on the matter for further evidence of malfeasance.

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Back in March, Moscow claimed that it found evidence of U.S. bioweapons funding in Ukraine. Both Washington and Kiev denied the claims, calling them a Russian “propaganda” campaign (Related: Russia says that Western aggression could lead to nuclear war).

At that time, senior U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland admitted before Congress that Washington was, in fact, funding bioweapons-linked operations in Ukraine, but alleged that they were to prevent “research materials” from getting into the hands of Russian troops.

China enters ring, calls on Pentagon to come clean concerning bioweapons operations

In late February, Russia decided to invade Ukraine after the country failed to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, which were first signed in 2014. These German- and French-brokered protocols were designed to give the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state.

Since then, Russia has demanded that Ukraine officially declares itself as a neutral country that will never join the U.S.-led and controlled NATO military bloc, which the West is pushing.

Russia says its offensive was completely unprovoked, denying claims that it was planning to take over the two aforementioned Donbas republics by force. Russia’s claim is that it needed to deal with these Pentagon-run biolabs before they ended up being used against it.

“I am American, and I believe the Russians on this one,” wrote someone at Newspunch. “[The Pentagon] did fund and technically support the Wuhan lab with U.S. taxpayer money, but no one has hanged for that one.”

“Fort Detrick (in Maryland) is usually where they do it, but they wanted to set China up so chumps like Trump can take the hate bait,” suggested another.

Over at Natural News, someone called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to also “do us a favor and aim for DC” while he is in the process of cleansing Ukraine of deep state corruption and evil.

“This is a giant money-laundering scheme by the U.S. and NATO,” wrote someone else. “They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Still, another pointed out that since 1991, NATO has expanded its tentacles into 13 additional countries. NATO also set up training camps for soldiers in Ukraine, showing that the Eastern European country has been used as a deep state playground for many years.

“It was NATO partner U.S. that had biolabs in Ukraine,” this same person added. “It was John McCain and Lindsey Graham who were giving arms to Ukraine years ago, and who still are now along with Ukraine, thus making them responsible for the 13,000 to 22,000 deaths in Donbas.”

More related news about the U.S. deep state’s bioweapons operations in Ukraine can be found at

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