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Taxes in California are projected to DOUBLE as the failed state forces residents to pay $1,000 a month for Universal Sick Care

Taxes in California are projected to DOUBLE as the failed state forces residents to pay $1,000 a month for Universal Sick Care

(Natural News) Lawmakers in California are looking to DOUBLE the income tax to implement a universal health insurance system. A staggering 18 percent income tax is being proposed to help cover the high cost of this forced sick care system. That’s not all. To put this Big Pharma racketeering system permanently in place, lawmakers are looking to pervert the state Constitution and make the 18 percent income tax a Constitutional Amendment. The lawmakers claim that health insurance is a right, and everyone should be forced to pay for this system. The people of California are quickly losing all of their rights to assemble, to govern what goes in and on their bodies. Now they are being forced to pay even more for the chains wrapped around their necks.

Californians forced to pay at least $1,000 a month for state-controlled insurance

The proposal for an Assembly Constitutional Amendment ACA 11 declares that “comprehensive health care coverage for every resident of California is a right.” The Tax Foundation conducted an analysis of the proposal and showed that this “right” will have to be paid for by forcing exorbitant new taxes on almost every California household. Under this system, the state of California would be able to steal an additional $163 billion from the people each year. Putting this new tax in perspective, the national median top marginal tax rate is 5.3%. If this system is put in place, Californians will have to pay nearly four times the amount of taxes they already pay to the federal government.

Taxes are already high in California, but under this new proposal, taxes would go up by $12,250 per household (with more than $49,990 in annual income). Californians will essentially be forced to pay $1,000 a month for a state-controlled insurance plan. This new, first-in-the nation single payer healthcare system will be used early and often by the people of California, driving up the cost of medical services even further. This will lead to an ever-increasing tax burden that will inevitably bankrupt families and the state. As seen during the covid-19 scandal, California can be perpetually bailed out by outlandish federal spending programs. All Americans will eventually foot the bill for illegal aliens to access the sick care system in California.

The tax increase also includes a new 2.3% gross receipts tax. This business tax would be more than three times the country’s highest gross receipts tax. The legislature is also given the power to suspend inflation indexing at any time, allowing for unchecked inflation indexing of the standard income tax brackets in the state.

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The new Constitutional Amendment also contains an exemption — not for people to get out of the tax. The exemption is for the taxes. The new taxes are exempt from supermajority requirements. This means a simple majority in the legislature could increase these taxes each year. This exemption was written in because the taxes will have to be increased each year to pay for the out-of-control sick care system.

Once the government controls access to medical care, they can just as easily take it away

Once the California state government controls access to healthcare, then they can require residents to do things to their body in order to keep their “right.” In one breath, California Democrats claim healthcare is a “right.” In their next breath, they claim only the “fully vaccinated” should have access to medical services. It won’t take long before California Democrats use coercion and mandates to deny people their “right” to healthcare. After all, the Supreme Court recently betrayed America, ruling that hospitals can force their workers to take experimental vaccines if the hospital receives money from the federal government as part of the Medicaid and Medicare programs. If the state of California controls a universal health insurance system, they could theoretically claim ownership over every single person that seeks “free” medical care in the state and demand that everyone inject themselves with however many “boosters” are recommended at the time.

In short, the healthcare system is fundamentally broken and medical ethics are destroyed, yet the communists in California want to force people to pay for it. There are no financial incentives to keep people well, to help people heal from chronic and infectious diseases. The system is only setup to dominate and control. The best choice is to get out of California if U Hauls are still available in the state.

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