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The DEATH and REBIRTH of human civilization is now the only remaining path to universal awakening

The DEATH and REBIRTH of human civilization is now the only remaining path to universal awakening

(Natural News) Unless there is cosmic intervention — which is always a possibility — it is now inescapable that anti-human globalists are going to escalate conflict into World War III and use that conflict to collapse human civilization on planet Earth. This would, of course, lead to the near-extermination of the human race and a planetary-scale genocide event. (Cosmic-level ethnic cleansing.)

Every player on the global stage — Putin, Biden, Xi, Zelensky, etc. — is being maneuvered into a World War III scenario that will be used to justify the use of nuclear weapons and the total global crackdown on free speech, financial liberty and the ability of civilians to own firearms.

It is now nearly 100% certain that the U.S. deep state will stage a false flag operation to justify its own escalation into this global nuclear war scenario. Those false flags could be one or more of the following:

  • The intentional (NATO-created) detonation of a chemical facility in Ukraine, such as an ammonia storage facility, then labeling it a “chemical weapons” attack by Russia.
  • The engineered assassination of Joe Biden by operators dressed up to look like Russian soldiers, followed by global outrage against Russia and a mad dash into nuclear war. (This also aids the desperate Democrats in getting rid of old Joe before he embarrasses them even further…)
  • A large-scale false flag cyber attack on US financial institutions, resulting in an economic collapse and widespread chaos. A cyber attack could also target the US power grid and produce similar results.

In any of these scenarios, the US and NATO are certain to respond with rapid escalation into World War III — a war that inevitably escalates into a nuclear exchange of some kind.

Planetary-scale genocide of the human race

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Regardless of the path that gets us there, it is clear that the demonic, anti-human globalists in charge of the world are engineering a planetary-scale ethnic cleansing to eliminate human civilization.

Over the next several years — unless they are stopped — they will drive the global population of humans down toward one billion remaining survivors. This will be achieved through a combination of vaccine genocide, nuclear war, mass starvation, biosphere collapse, 5G weaponization, weather weapons, financial collapse, cyber attacks and of course ongoing psychological trauma from the globalist-run corporate media. After several years of such attacks, humanity will face the very real possibility of planetary-scale extinction.

It is in that moment of facing imminent and permanent death that humanity will be offered a choice: Choose LIFE or choose DEATH.

LIFE represents divinity, love, God, personal liberty, freedom to speak, freedom to think, peace, abundance, free market economics, the freedom to travel, the freedom to run a small business, and so on. In other words, the complete opposite of neocons, Democrats, globalists, the WEF, central banks, Big Pharma, the abortion industry and so on.

DEATH means destruction, suffering, abortion, infanticide, child abuse, pedophilia, psychological trauma, media lies, bombs, missiles, government tyranny, censorship, control, lockdowns, masking, forced vaccinations, weaponized food scarcity, weaponized financial systems, endless money printing and authoritarian rule. In other words, everything the political Left stands for.

It is abundantly clear that Democrats and the ruling Left are all advocates of death. They are death cultists, and they revel in the idea of mass death and self-destruction. Most of these individuals are demon-infested Satanists who voted for Biden, who love to murder their own children and who demand absolute dictatorial control over everybody else.

As I explain in today’s podcast, most of those death cultists will die in the coming years. They have set their own deaths into motion via:

  • Repeated injections of mRNA depopulation bioweapons (“vaccines”).
  • Utter lack of any willingness to prepare for food shortages (they are “anti-preppers”).
  • Utter obliviousness about the coming financial collapse (they have total trust in the dollar and central banks).
  • Total disconnection from reality and a shocking inability to process real world observations in meaningful ways (they live in their artificial bubbles of media lies and propaganda).
  • Complete dependence on the very system that is conspiring to eliminate them from the future of the human race. They actually TRUST the vaccine industry, the news media and the government.

The survivors of planetary genocide will possess the wisdom to make a new choice for the future of humanity

Because of the mass die-off of the oblivious death cult masses, at the moment of near-extinction of the human race, those with the most knowledge, wisdom and preparedness will be the remaining survivors who are offered a choice for the future of human civilization. The choice is simple: Choose to continue the current system of centralized control, authoritarian rule and the denial of God and then suffer permanent extinction

…or choose LIFE, happiness, decentralized societal structures, individual liberty, ecological sanity, local food production, etc., and enjoy a golden age of abundance and wisdom in alignment with God’s goals for life on Earth.

Importantly, we now realize that humanity is incapable of making this choice until faced with the moment of final extinction. As currently populated by oblivious, demon-infested masses, humanity is incapable of choosing life, sustainability, wisdom or God. Thus, the very future of human civilization can only be determined after the death cultists destroy themselves through their global schemes of World War III, mass starvation, global vaccine bioweapons and other similar, nefarious schemes.

Thus, we are all going to have to live through the near-total collapse of human civilization. There is no stopping it. We have passed the point of no return. There are not enough sane voices to bring us back from the brink right now, since the sane voices are drowned out by the demon-infested, psychopathic, oblivious masses who are begging for mass death and destruction. (Some of those voices are difficult to understand because they are still wearing masks…)

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I offer a more detailed discussion of these critical points for the future of the human race:


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