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The Lincoln Project harasses, doxes Trump’s lawyers for uncovering election fraud

The Lincoln Project harasses, doxes Trump’s lawyers for uncovering election fraud

(Natural News) Multiple lawyers representing President Trump in the fight against election fraud are reporting harassment from members of The Lincoln Project.

At least three of Trump’s lawyers working in Pennsylvania say that Lincoln Project goons have harassed and doxed them in an effort to scare them into withdrawing from a case looking into alleged voter fraud.

The most recent lawyer to sustain such abuse, Philadelphia attorney Linda Kerns, says another lawyer working for Kirkland & Ellis threatened her life. Kerns responded by publishing a court filing against the individual.

“Since this case was filed, undersigned counsel has been subjected to continuous harassment in the form of abuse e-mails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason – all for representing the President of the United States’ campaign in this litigation,” Kerns contends.

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“On November 14, 2020 at 8:43 am, an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis left a one-minute voicemail for undersigned counsel,” Kerns further explains. “The voicemail, which has been provided to counsel of record from Kirkland & Ellis in this case and will be provided to the Court via email upon request, speaks for itself and by any measure falls afoul of standards of professional conduct.”

Kirkland & Ellis had initially denied Kerns’ claims, only to later admit that one of its own had, in fact, engaged in such conduct. However, the law firm is now insistent that this type of behavior is perfectly normal and defensible considering the circumstances.

After Kirkland & Ellis dismissed the behavior of its lawyer as being “discourteous” at worst, Kerns proceeded to respectfully petition the court for a sanction against the firm, which currently represents Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.

Boockvar, as you may recall, is insistent that the election process in her state was “fair, free, safe, and secure.”

“It is quintessentially the Court’s role to police and appropriately sanction law firms appearing in front of it for such conduct,” Kerns’ filing explains.

“It is plaintiff’s obligation to defend its counsel, and it does so now by respectfully moving for an order for Kirkland & Ellis to show cause justifying the conduct of its lawyers.”

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If there was no fraud in Pennsylvania, why are the state’s lawyers becoming violent?

At the conclusion of Kerns’ filing, she laments the fact that the current state of our world is marked by “abuse and harassment” against those like herself who are seeking truth about the election.

“It is sanctionable when that abuse and harassment comes from an elite law firm representing the Secretary of State,” Kerns contends. “An appropriate sanction should issue – one which deters such misconduct in the future.”

That a so-called “elite” law firm would behave in such a way, especially while contending that its client is innocent, is a real head-scratcher. Do innocent parties really act in such a manner, or is this more the thing of guilty parties that claim innocence?

We think we know the answer to this question, and you probably do, too. There is simply no excuse for such vile behavior, especially if one has nothing to hide. It is apparent, however, that the state of Pennsylvania does have something to hide.

“Only guilty people do stuff like that,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit.

“The lawyer in question should be disbarred and fined,” wrote another. “The world needs a strong, just America that follows the law and the Democrats are threatening our very existence.”

Still another pointed out that if there are no consequences for behavior like this, then it will only continue. White-collar criminals are perhaps the most deserving of a little jail time to help deter this type of treason from becoming a mainstay of American politics.

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