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The View’s Joy Behar Expects Holocaust Survivor to Rip on Border Laws – Gets a BRUTAL Reality Check Instead

The View’s Joy Behar Expects Holocaust Survivor to Rip on Border Laws – Gets a BRUTAL Reality Check Instead

Joy Behar is one of the most vile women on television.

How can she have so much hate for a country that has afforded her the opportunity for so much personal success?

She is what happens when a person is brainwashed by liberalism and given a chance to reach others.

It is a testament to the trouble our country is in when people still willingly tune in to see people like Joy and Whoopi.

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I think the proper term for Joy Behar is “useful idiot” but the “useful” part depends on who you ask.

Here’s Gary with the latest…

On Monday Behar showed her anti-Americanism again with guest Millie Baran.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller:

“The View” host Joy Behar asked Holocaust survivor Millie Baran to weigh in Monday on the migrants being denied entry at the U.S.-Mexico border, and she didn’t get the answer she expected.

In honor of Holocaust Memorial Day, “The View” hosted Baran and her husband, Mikhl, along with their two daughters. After sharing the Barans’ story of survival, immigration, and a life dedicated to teaching others about the atrocities that should never again be allowed to happen, Behar made things political with a question that appeared to be aimed at President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.


“Millie, we just heard in the video that you had to wait over four years before you could come into this country,” Behar began. (RELATED: Joy Behar Blames Trump For Racial Division, Cites Two Fake Stories To Prove Her Point)

“Four and a half years,” Baran corrected. “Four and a half years. In a displaced persons camp.”

“You know, some people are experiencing that right now in our country,” Behar continued, mentioning the children who were waiting either in detention facilities or in camps on the Mexican side of the border. “They’re not letting people in and it’s just tragic to me and to you I’m sure. Would you like to speak to that at all?” she asked.

“Naturally,” Baran nodded. “When I saw it on television, I couldn’t believe it and my heart was aching, as a mother seeing the children were separated from their parents,” she said.

“I realized who doesn’t want to come to America?” Baran continued. “The best land in the world. The lucky ones who can come here, a land of opportunity, of freedom. To us it was a dream to get here. Naturally, it was worth it to wait because when we came here I practically kissed the earth.”


Amen Millie Baran!

Despite our problems, I love my country.

I do, however, wish those ladies from The View would just shut up and let us enjoy our great nation.

We’ve heard, over and over, about the dumbing down of America.

The ladies at The View are leading the charge.

I really feel very out of line to call them ladies, but America still has free speech so…

These witches need to join their intellectual colleagues in the fires of hell and leave us alone.

Maybe Satan doesn’t want them and they were cast out to torture the rest of us. 😉

Whatever the case, they sure are doing a lot of damage to those who still tune in to listen to their lies, misdirection and blatant political bias.

This is the ultimate in Trash TV and it is symbolic of everything wrong with America.

Dean Garrison is Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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