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Top 10 addictions and the ALARMING STATISTICS for the USA

Top 10 addictions and the ALARMING STATISTICS for the USA

(Natural News) Immediate gratification, over-indulgence, and just plain lack of consumer knowledge has the majority of Americans addicted to and enslaved by health-damaging, mind-numbing compulsions. Are all of these folks brainwashed by Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Hollywood? One infamous is example is how the medical industrial complex conned millions of Americans into believing that cigarettes and vaccines are good for health. The cigarette con started in the 1930s, and the vaccine con began in the 1950s. You could say these addictions are even ‘inherited’ and passed on from generation to generation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though.

Now, with the Demon Dems (Extreme liberal Democrats) running the country from their porn hub in Washington DC (pun on Hunter Biden laptop), ethics and morals have all been flushed down the toilet, with madness ensuing. Opiate drugs, including fentanyl, are being imported across the US Southern border as if they were legal. The Biden administration is funded homeless drug-addicts with monthly subsidy checks, free crack pipes (to “fund racial equity”), and free food money in all the metropolitan hell-holes, like Portland, San Francisco, and Chicago, to name a few.

mRNA vaccines weaken the immune system, forcing it to rely on more spike proteins for artificial, short-lived immunity to all things Covid

Over 270 million Americans rushed to be injected with the “emergency only” experimental Fauci Flu jabs in order to save their own lives from the deadliest, most contagious virus to ever travel around the planet. Well, so they thought. The media frenzy and fear-based propaganda machine totally worked, and conned these sick, naïve, brainwashed sheeple to do the unthinkable – rely on Big Pharma to save them from something Big Pharma created in a lab on purpose to infect them. Oops.

Now, each clot shot booster weakens each human even more, setting them up like bowling pins to be knocked down and out by the next variant of a variant. The new sub-human spike androids are even lining up for their seasonal mercury injections (flu shots) to make matters even worse. It’s a physical and psychological addiction, and there’s only one sure way for them to break free from the vaccine holocaust – and that’s SADS.

Illness goes hand in hand with depravity and addiction

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The whole gender fluid movement in America has millions of people addicted to pornography, as they watch to decide which gender they will “be” today, or which gender they will have sex with next, and how many different genders there are to try out. Any kid subjected to a Disney movie or the Drag Queen Story Hour isn’t far from being a porn addict.

Did you know artificial sweeteners make you HUNGRIER and make you crave sweets even more? Most people have no clue about this. Which is worse, being addicted to sugar (cancer’s favorite food) or artificial sweeteners (cancer’s other favorite food)? If you’re obese, you’re probably already battling cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. That’s a tough road to go down.

Top 10 addictions and the scary US statistics

  • Opiates – Over 3 million Americans are currently addicted.
  • Nicotine – More than 50 million Americans are addicted to tobacco or vaping products.
  • Cocaine (including crack-cocaine) -More than 2 million Americans addicted.
  • Crystal Meth (methamphetamine psycho-stimulants) – Up to 3 million Americans addicted.
  • Sugar – Around 250 million Americans overeat sugar daily, many are addicted (especially the obese).
  • Covid “Vaccines” – Approximately 227 million Americans are “fully vaccinated” for Covid and may be addicted forever as their immune systems become reliant on more boosters (ADE and vaccine-induced-immune-deficiency syndrome).
  • Artificial Sweeteners – Consumers who drink more than 3 diet drinks a day (or snacks) containing aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, acesulfame potassium.
  • Video Games – Over 200 million Americans play video games and approximately 7 million are addicted, according to WHO reports.
  • Pornography – More than 10% of all American adults meet the classification of porn addiction (by admission).
  • Alcohol – Close to 14 million Americans, or about 1 in every 13, abuse alcohol or are considered “alcoholics.”

Tune your internet eyes to and read about the best way to rid yourself of any of these addictions with clean eating, clean thinking, natural remedies, and exercise.

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