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Top 5 most OUTRAGEOUS cover stories for when Covid-vaccine-induced HEART ATTACKS kill perfectly healthy teens and young adults

Top 5 most OUTRAGEOUS cover stories for when Covid-vaccine-induced HEART ATTACKS kill perfectly healthy teens and young adults

(Natural News) Blame anything but the Covid vaccines for causing healthy people to suddenly suffer heart attacks. That’s the mantra across the entire medical profession and all of mainstream media, as we are seeing the absolute worst and most absurd excuses splattered across the news. Besides the millions of spike protein prions that are clogging the vascular system, causing massive heart stress, what else could possibly be causing all these cases of myocarditis and pericarditis that lead to out-of-the-blue heart attacks for perfectly healthy kids, teens, athletes, military members, pilots and more?

When the pandemic pharma tyrants really took hold of America, with lockdowns, masks, quarantines, PCR tests, social distancing and the mass-media-fear-frenzy, it became more than obvious it was all about selling everyone on getting Covid-vaccinated. Meanwhile, natural health advocates KNEW the so-called “vaccines” would be very scary, but not many people, bar a few scientists who would later blow the whistle, knew what the “technology” of them really meant.

Now, scientists and doctors alike have revealed the truth about the clot shots, while healthy folks who get them are suffering from vascular clots and heart damage that happens so soon after getting the Fauci Flu jabs, it just can’t be explained away anymore. Still, the vaccine industrial complex, partnering with all of MSM (fake news mainstream media) is pulling out all the stops to come up with reasons why sudden heart attacks are happening across the globe to the vaccinated masses who don’t have a clue as to why. Wuhan virus vaccines greatly increase the risk of heart attack, among people of all ages and all health conditions.

Top 5 sad and sorry excuses for Covid-vaccine-induced heart attacks

#1. Video Games

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#2. Cold Showers

#3. Referee Whistles

#4. Covid-19

#5. SIDS and SADS (Sudden Infant/Adult Death Syndrome)

Video games have been around for about 40 years, and no parent ever filed a claim or lawsuit saying it gave their child or teen a heart attack, but now that the Covid clot shots are causing strange rubbery clots, myocarditis and pericarditis, the mainstream media is claiming that researchers have suddenly discovered video games get children so excited they suddenly die of a heart attack. According to what seems to be a faked study that was published in Heart Rhythm, somebody concluded that, “Electronic gaming has recently been reported as a precipitant of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia in susceptible individuals.” Sure. Of course, no mention if those kids studied just got a Wuhan virus gene mutation injection, or two, or three.

That’s not all, now, since the Covid-vaccine-scamdemic, suddenly cold showers are killing off healthy athletes and military members by the numbers. Watch out for all that cold water, so that must mean no more swimming in the pool or ocean when the water is a little chilly, and if it’s raining outside and it’s cold out too, it’s best to avoid walking to your car or the office, for fear of sudden heart attack. Another sorry excuse to cover for the China Flu vaccine-induced heart attacks.

Are you an athlete who takes care of your body by eating organic food and drinking filtered water? If you have a healthy heart thanks to all of your regular exercising and eating clean, now the vaccine industry says that those pesky referee and umpire whistles can kill you instantly by sending you into cardiac arrest, because they’re so loud and abrupt, even though you’ve heard them a thousand times your whole life, now suddenly they’re deadly. Watch out.

Next, why not blame Covid-19 for everything that happens to anyone? Did someone you know die of cancer, diabetes, heart disease or dementia in the past two years? MSM and the vaccine industrial complex (VIC) most likely blamed Covid. It gets worse. The clot shots are causing heart attacks and strokes because they clog the blood with billions of clingy spike protein prions, so now the VIC is blaming Fauci Flu for … wait for it… wait for it… heart disease and strokes. Yes, they are. Read it for yourself in this diabolical report.

Lastly, any child, teen, young adult, military member or pilot who happens to die for ‘no apparent reason’ out of the blue, well, that simply can’t be explained by MDs, immunologists or even cardiologists, because they’re NEVER allowed to blame vaccines, especially the Covid jabs, for health damage, or they’ll lose their medical license. It’s as simple as that. So what to blame? They call it “sudden adult death syndrome.” Remember SIDS? That’s when babies die from too many vaccines and the medical establishment blames the parents for shaking the baby too much while yelling at it (a.k.a. shaken baby syndrome). Now, somebody must be shaking adults too hard and killing them, or it’s just the toxic Fauci Flu jabs.

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