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Top experts in coup operations began training leftists in revolutionary tactics well ahead of elections

Top experts in coup operations began training leftists in revolutionary tactics well ahead of elections

(Natural News) Regardless of who wins the presidency and control of Congress, the new administration and government will have to contend with a growing counter-revolutionary movement that is sweeping America.

In fact, in the months before the election, experts in coup attempts began training left-wing anarchists in techniques that have been used successfully around the world to topple existing governments, Breitbart News reported.

“Under the guise of preventing a coup, left wing groups have been planning their own — if things don’t go as they desire on Election Day,” the outlet reported, adding:

One site, titled Choose Democracy,” which states, “an immediate massive response is crucial to stopping a coup“ on its homepage, provides both actions to take as well as resources describing “how other countries have successfully prevented coups.”

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Millions of people can delegitimize a coup by “demonstrating, resisting orders, and shutting down the country,” the site states.

As we reported this week ahead of the election, a conflict expert — J. Michael Waller, vice president for government relations at the Center for Security Policy — noted that it was possible that leftists angered by a Trump reelection victory would occupy Washington D.C. by the legions and attack 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“We have to prepare for these mobs by the tens of thousands if not more right in downtown Washington, DC … and storm the White House,” he said during a webinar with reporters in recent days.

Combine that warning with the coup training and the country appears to be headed for violence one way or another.

The Choose Democracy site also lists a demand witch states, “If we need to, we will shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process.”

Of course, ‘shutting down the country’ is nothing more than a prelude to getting rid of the existing governmental structures and institutions created by our Constitution.

You don’t ‘protect democracy’ by force.

Nevertheless, in the event of a Trump victory, the group demands, “We need an unprecedented number of Americans to take to the streets and stay in the streets until he [Trump] concedes” — even though he will have been elected lawfully and properly.

“But protest won’t be enough,” the site continues, adding in a tweet: “What we’re talking about is a coup. We need an unprecedented number of Americans to take to the streets and stay in the streets until he concedes. But protest won’t be enough.”

In addition, the site provides training and links to several external workshops “to learn how you can be ready in the event of a coup.”

“There’s a chance that a desperate Trump will respond to a narrow victory by Biden by declaring the election fraudulent, urging his base to support his continued Presidency. This training will share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready for that possibility,” it adds.

The only workshop on the site is led by George Lakey, who is infamous for his 1964 A Manual for Direct Action, which is most commonly referred to as the civil rights movement’s “bible.”

He is a dedicated Marxist/Communist who has led more than 1,500 workshops and revolutionary movements on five continents in countries including South Africa, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

A publication mis-titled, “Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy,” is not at all about “defending democracy” but rather is about imposing a political system on the country that a majority of Americans did not choose.

It’s also delusional in its vision, claiming, “We want an orderly process. Trump is the one who is sowing chaos.”

Trump ran a campaign and if he wins the election it’ll be fair and square. This ‘revolutionary movement’ is nothing more than one big gaslighting operation intended to replace our constitutional republic with a hellish Marxist governing model that literally will be imposed because most Americans will never voluntarily accept it.

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