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Trump DESTROYS Lib Climate Change FREAKS With ONE Statement

Trump DESTROYS Lib Climate Change FREAKS With ONE Statement

Liberals tend to assume that since conservatives aren’t trying to change everything, at any cost like AOC & Company, that we are not pro-environment.

President Trump made a sensible, yet powerful, statement earlier in the week at the G7 Conference that you simply must hear to appreciate.

Here’s Gary:


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It’s about balance folks.

Conservatives understand that there must be a balance between economic strength and a clean environment.

Liberals seem to think that we should destroy everything, and ruin the economy, to support their ideas that rarely work better than what is already in place.

Want an example?

President Trump certainly rattled some cages on Monday by refusing to buy in to the libtard climate theology.

A good President works with facts and not fairy tales.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump said he knows “more about the environment than most people” when asked about his skepticism regarding climate change Monday during the G7 summit in Biarritz, France.

“I’ve got more environmental impact statements probably than anybody … more than anybody that has ever been president or vice president or anything even close to president. I think I know more about the environment than most people,” Trump said.

He went on to list the U.S.’s success in the energy industry, saying it is the “No. 1 energy producer in the world.”


He added the industry is creating “tremendous wealth, and [liquefied natural gas] LNG is being sought over all over Europe and all over the world. … I’m not going to lose that wealth. I’m not going to lose it on dreams — on windmills, which, frankly, aren’t working too well.”

“In a nutshell, I want the cleanest water on Earth. I want the cleanest air on Earth. That’s what we’re doing. And I’m an environmentalist,” he continued. “A lot of people don’t understand that.

Read the rest…


The left has been continually WRONG about the environment and acts as if we are supposed to blindly follow their lead anyway.

President Trump is willing to stand up to the lie of the climate change alarmists, unlike many before him.

Want proof that all of this climate change/global warming stuff is a scam?

Here it is…

Learn to use the liberals own craziness against them folks.

Liberal Logic Explained:

  • IF Obama cared more than any other President about the environment and
  • IF Obama recently purchased a new mansion which doesn’t look very environmentally friendly,
  • THEN the environmental crisis must be OVER!

You can’t reason with the unreasonable, but you can throw some Alinsky tactics at them in your spare time.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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