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U.S. led biolab construction in Ukraine was started by Obama

U.S. led biolab construction in Ukraine was started by Obama

(Natural News) The only thing more nightmarish than eight years of former President Barack Obama has, so far, been one year of his vice president, Joe Biden being in office, but we’re just beginning to see the current disaster unfold.

That includes a new war in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin saw how weak and feeble Biden was and decided to make his move now instead of when our country had a strong leader in Donald Trump the previous four years. Just imagine what our country — and the world — would look like if the deep state had not stolen his reelection.

In any event, thanks to The National Pulse, we are learning that Obama’s legacy is far worse than previously thought — and that was bad enough: Apparently, the 44th president led a U.S. effort to build Biolabs in Ukraine and elsewhere designed for handling “especially dangerous pathogens.”

“The news comes on the same day that Biden regime apparatchik Victoria Nuland told the U.S. Senate that the American government is concerned about biological research facilities falling into Russian hands as a result of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe,” the outlet noted.

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According to a Web Archive of a story titled, “Biolab Opens in Ukraine” posted to a site called (which is still online, by the way) on June 18, 2010, Obama, while still serving as a U.S. senator from Illinois, participated in negotiations for a deal to build a level-3 bio-safety laboratory in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. The piece, which also focused on similar efforts by the late Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), was also included in Issue No. 818 of the United States Air Force Counterproliferation Center’s Outreach Journal.

The story notes:

U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar applauded the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine, this week, announcing that it will be instrumental in researching dangerous pathogens used by bioterrorists.

The level-3 bio-safety lab, which is the first built under the expanded authority of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program, will be used to study anthrax, tularemia and Q fever as well as other dangerous pathogens.

“The continuing cooperation of Nunn-Lugar partners has improved safety for all people against weapons of mass destruction and potential terrorist use, in addition to advancements in the prevention of pandemics and public health consequences,” Lugar said.

Author Tina Redlup added: “Lugar said plans for the facility began in 2005 when he and then-Senator Barack Obama entered a partnership with Ukrainian officials. Lugar and Obama also helped coordinate efforts between the U.S and Ukrainian researchers that year in an effort to study and help prevent avian flu.”

The lab was part of the Nunn-Lugar Act, named after the Indiana Republican and former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.), which established the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program in 1991 immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union. The program provided assistance and funding to former Soviet satellite countries to dismantle and then safeguard stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

But obviously, it also established dangerous labs to handle extremely volatile substances, though not quite as volatile as the Level 4 biolab in Wuhan, China, that produced and then ‘accidentally released’ COVID-19.

According to a 2011 report from the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Anticipating Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High-Containment Biological Laboratories, the facility in Odessa “is responsible for the identification of especially dangerous biological pathogens.”

“This laboratory was reconstructed and technically updated up to the BSL-3 level through a cooperative agreement between the United States Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that started in 2005. The collaboration focuses on preventing the spread of technologies, pathogens, and knowledge that can be used in the development of biological weapons,” the report noted.

“The updated laboratory serves as Interim Central Reference Laboratory with a depozitarium (pathogen collection). According to Ukrainian regulations, it has a permit to work with both bacteria and viruses of the first and second pathogenic groups,” it adds.

Where is the ‘mainstream media’ hounding Obama to explain his role in this pending biological disaster?

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